Is River Song the Tardis

Perhaps the most compelling possibility: could River Song be the Tardis? Well, more specifically, the intelligence within the Tardis. We know that at the end of her life, as we see it, River becomes an intelligence in the galaxy’s most bodacious computer in Silence in the Library. River herself refers to the Tardis as “she” in The Pandorica Opens, and certainly the Doctor has before. It would explain her comment that she and the doctor went to the “end of the universe” together. When at the end of the universe in Utopia, the Doctor commented he’d never been there before and that even the Time Lords had never ventured that far in time, so we would expect that to be his one trip there. But it was only the Doctor, Captain Jack and Martha Jones….and the Tardis, of course.

 The Doctor and the Tardis have always seemed to have a tumultuous love affair, and yet they are inseperable.

  In The Pandorica Opens, when River sees the “raggedy doctor” figurines in Amy’s house she says, in a way that at first blush sounds like a wifely comment, “I don’t know why I ever let you out.” Consider that statement if she turns out to be the Tardis.

  Her diary looks like the Tardis.

  She was trapped in the Tardis when it exploded. Could this have created a paradox where she took human form, maybe even because of the thoughts and memories of Amy Pond, and exists alongside the Tardis? Perhaps the mechanism for why the Tardis is in human form has yet to be revealed. Then again, let’s never forget the male voice we hear (and she hears) in the Tardis in The Pandorica Opens saying, “silence will fall.” If River is in fact the Silence (which makes sense with her first appearance, Silence in the Library) was this foretelling the death of the Tardis in the explosion? (Is the male voice Omega? Perhaps the trickster figure, the Dream Lord, from Amy’s Choice? Time will tell.)

  Can this notion of River being the Tardis be applied to every clue she’s given us? Discuss.


  1. Gerard McGarry

    Thinking out loud here – but doesn’t River say she killed a man, “the best man I ever knew” or something like that? Has the TARDIS ever been responsible for a death?

    1. sgreco1970

      Yes she does. I’m expecting we’ll see her do that in the next series, as River. My guess is she will either kill the Doctor or Rory.

      Each time we have seen River, it has been earlier and earlier in her life. This next time we see her, should be the first time she meets the doctor.

    1. sgreco1970

      I had considered that. After all, in Silence in the Library he says, “I bet I’m going to like you,” and she replies, “Oh, you do!” Which would have been reall funny if she turned out to be his next incarnation. But she does call him, “my love,” which wouldn’t make too much sense. Most of the little clues she’s left would seem to discount that possibility.Why say David Tennant was the youngest she’d ever seen him? If she’s the doctor, she’s met several of herselves in The 3 Doctors and The 5 Doctors. If, instead of referring to chronological age but rather physical age, the River in Silence in the Library has already met Matt Smith -and he’s physically younger than any of them! My money is still on she’s the Tardis.

  2. Emperor Gregor

    Matt Smith is the youngest person to play DW. Did you know that one reason he was chosen because his eyes are “old”. To contrast, presumably, with River’s comment in the Library that his eyes are “young”. 

    Whoever River is, I doubt she is a future incarnation of the Doctor himself. The Tardis? Mmmm. That isn’t a “dark” fact, I don’t think – nothing sinister about it, and Moffatt said in Dr Who Confidential (about River being someone his loves) that the truth was “much darker”.

    I always felt that the oneupmanship, competitive relationship they have suits the Doctor’s relationship with the Master, who he tried so hard and for so long to save. Almost anything could happen once the drums are removed from the Master’s head. Though I do like the idea that she’s the Master’s wife – DW getting off with his best enemy’s missus after said wife killed her husband. Now that is dark.

    1. sgreco1970

      true but possibly too dark hehe. I think maybe the darkness refers to her killer instincts. Being known by the daleks as bad enough to beg for “mercy,” and in prison for killing “the best man (she) ever knew,” might be dark enough. One still wonders who she will kill.

  3. Emperor Gregor

    The episode Journey’s End was about the Dalek’s trying to destroy the universe – it was about the “end of the universe.” This is when the Doctor’s hand is cloned into another “Doctor”. If he was somehow restored to being a Time Lord and could regenerate it would explain a lot. Why he can fly the Tardis and know his name. Why he knows the Doctor’s identity. Why the Doctor would not – according to Octavian – agree to help River if he knew what she was – he’d send her back and finish the task himself. He might not even recognise River as another Time Lord – he isn’t looking at *another* time Lord. Very confusing for him.

    By the way – there’s a clue in the Shakespeare Code about the power of a name, and that knowing a man’s name can destroy you. The witches say something about why would a man hide his name behind such … something or other. I need to look at the episode again. Anyway – the only time the Doctor could ever tell anyone his name is if he had given his total trust to someone and opened himself up emotionally.

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