Robbie Williams

I, for one, cannot wait for the release of “In and Out Of Consciousness” by Robbie Williams.  I am a die hard fan of the great one who hails from Stoke on Trent.  I must admit that I did not appreciaste him as a member of TT and only tolerate Relight My Fire because it was number one in the charts in October 1993 when my daughter was born but I rate Everything Changes [probably because a rather young and silly boy called Rob sings lead vocals.  Since the release of Rock DJ when Rob had metaphorphasized into a very handsome and hunky man I have lusted after his tats, piercings and all parts of his anatomy – lol!  I have all CDs he has released and all DVDs and even have his capital R (in the shape of a camera/question mark) as a tattoo on my right breast and wear it with pride.

Keep up the good work Rob, dont let any cynic or nasty journalist win and get you down.  You have given me many years of ecstatic and some would argue orgasmic pleasure and I dont particularly want to see that go to nothing.

Love ya darling “handsome man” xxxxxxxxxxxx

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