Robin Hood – S03E02 – Cause and Effect, episode review

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The Sheriff and Robin both get themselves in league with Irish terrorists this week, Robin gets sexy Maid Kate’s brother killed, and in a bit of spare time, Mr Hood invents the hang-glider. Phew, they packed plenty into tonight’s episode, I think you’ll agree.

The basic gist of this episode was that some common or garden Irish warlords seeking to seize power in their own lands came over to Nottingham and decided to buy all the males of Locksley village to fight in their new resistance. So the Sheriff of Nottingham has them packaged up and prepared for transport to their new home. But of course Robin has other ideas.

I was waiting for some brief masked comment on Irish politics in the midst of all this, but the only thing I could relate was one brother selling his other brother out for political advantage. Did you spot anything else, politically motivated Shout readers?

New character Maid Kate is aesthetically speaking, a vast improvement on the dead Maid Marian. Naturally, as a woman of Locksley village, she’s not demure in the slightest. Between Kate’s reckless behaviour and Tuck’s lofty ramblings…what do you think of the new characters this series? Tuck is such an idealist, but I’m shallow and part of me wishes David Harewood had played him as Brutha Tuck. I can only hope some sketch show genius comes along and writes a sketch with Tuck wearing an afro and talking jive. Honestly, jive would make more sense than some of Tuck’s speeches.

And on that subject, Robin’s soapbox posturing to the ‘marked men of Sherwood’ was good, but that’s two rallying speeches in as many weeks. And another one clearly coming up next week, where Hood pontificates about “the choices we make at these moments define us for all eternity.” Anyone think that Robin is perhaps too aware of his own legend for a simple freedom fighter?

Slightly disappointing after last week’s series opener, but an enjoyable romp in the forest anyway. I’m still having problems accepting Locksley village, having already seen it as Merlin’s home village.

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