Ronan Keating Caught Cheating! Boyzone star admits affair, headlines write themselves…

The must-have accessory for married celebrities this season is the secret mistress. Just ask Ronan Keating who’s apparently just been caught fooling around with a Boyzone backup dancer.

According to newspaper reports, Keating has been having an affair with 26 year old Francine Cornell, a dancer on his band’s UK tour for as much as seven months before being discovered. His wife Yvonne apparently found a ‘secret’ mobile phone that the singer used to stay in contact with his girlfriend.

Initially, the couple released a statement suggesting that they were separating on amicable terms. However, after a slew of celebrities caught cheating in the last 12 months, most of us suspected that there may have been a deeper cause to the split. It wasn’t long before the tabloid press unearthed evidence of an affair that led to the split.

It turns out that Cornell was so certain she and Keating were becoming a couple that she dumped her own boyfriend. Though if I’m reading between the lines correctly, Keating has discovered that Cornell is about to sell her story and wanted to get in there first. Do you think it’s a co-incidence that he and Yvonne announced the split, just after he was confirmed as a judge on Australian X Factor? Maybe that’s one bit of speculation too far?

All in all, it looks like 2009-2010 has been a bad period for celebrity marriages. What with Ashley Cole, Tiger Woods, Mark Owen and the slightly less exciting story about Vernon Kaye’s sexy texts, celebrity marriage has never looked shakier. I have to wonder about famous guys having affairs in the mobile phone generation – how’re you going to keep an affair secret when you can be videoed or have your text messages used against you? And why is it predominantly family men who are being caught out? Do they get bored or stifled or just lonely out working all the time?

Another worrying aspect of all this is the sheer number of women ready to come forward and sell their stories. It seems to be a valid way to make money these days, to sleep with a celebrity and then sell your story for a fortune afterward, without a thought for the wife and kids back in the mansion who’re dreading the Sunday papers coming out.

No sympathy here for Keating though. I’ve always found him a smug little git anyway, and there are two stories doing the rounds – one that he wants to reconcile with his wife, the other that he accepts her decision to split. What I’m wondering though – is what is the reaction among the Boyzone fanbase?

If you’re a Boyzone fan, how do you feel about this news?

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  1. Rosie-Lee

    One of the things this highlights for me, is the distaste I feel when you see women who have indulged in “kiss and tell” pieces in the media, eventually turning up on TV programmes as presenters or have columns in newspapers, for example, and this is considered acceptable.  It is as if their disgraceful behaviour is being rewarded.  I have no sympathy for their famous conquests, who usually have stunning wives, lovely children and a rich lifestyle, but these kiss and tell bimbos are utterly shameless.

    It is all very well people telling the wives to take these errant husbands back and try to make a go of it again, but things would never be the same again, particularly in the marital bed and in matters of trust.  And with the bimbos in the spotlight, they would always be reminded of what had happened.

  2. slaneyvalley

    There are a few ways of looking at this. It could be said that the Cornell woman knew Ronan was married and should have kept her distance and then he (if he really loved his wife and kids) should have being stronger. It is incredible when you think that Eve was the one who fell for the temptation of biting the apple when really it is the Adams of this world who fall for temptations.

    The one thing I don’t want to hear is another public apology and then suggestions of attending a sex clinic. The reality is that Tiger Woods and all those other guys who were exposed as having affairs whould never have apoligised or felt shameful had they not been caught out – in fact the affairs would most likely still be going on.

    I agree with Rosie when she mentioned the fame that these women receive by having affairs with famous men – Personally I consider them to be slappers. I forget the womans name who had an affair with David Beckham, but she went on to take part in a reality programme. Why do the media empower these women to go on to be presenters etc?

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