Running From My Life

Just made a beautiful wedding cake, and promptly destroyed it with a knife in a vicious attack,  a heartbroken, explosive attack. or at least that’s what the song required for my music video.  i’m trying to get it on youtube before Britains got talent tomorrow, just in case, somehow, my act is shown and people might just decide to google my name and will come across my original music and then, (part two in miracle day dream world), someone will like the song and might decide that they want it for an upcoming west end musical or a jennifer aniston heartbreak film or anything….gosh, i’m getting desperate, even if they don’t like my singing, perhaps they can use the song for someone who can hit higher than ‘C’.  Am I living in a fantasy land? incase you would like to hear the song, feel free to check it on – Running From My Life.



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