Russell T Davies shoots down those Johnny Depp for Doctor Who rumours!

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The flamboyant former Doctor Who showrunner Russell T Davies has finally shot down those rumours about a Doctor Who movie adaptation featuring pirate-slash-actor, Johnny Depp. And I have to give Davies credit for the most stylishly scathing rebuttal ever issued to the press.

Here’s what he apparently told SFX magazine (expletives edited to spare your blushes):

Johnny f*cking Depp! Do you know what my life is these days? Someone sits in New Zealand, types out a f*cking rumor and I spend the next three days dealing with that rumor. What I get then is BBC Publicity e-mailing me, BBC Films publicity, BBC Wales publicity, all saying, ‘Have you said this?’ That then goes through BBC Worldwide and BBC America publicity, and I lose a f*cking morning because of some chump typing sh*t! It drives me mad.

I can only imagine the chaos that sort of rumour would cause among the myriad legal departments at the BBC! Poor Russell! I really do feel sorry for him, although to the sort of person who makes up far-fetched internet rumours, he may have just made the idea of making up more [[Doctor Who (TV Series)|Doctor Who]] news even more attractive!

In the end, Davies has some words of encouragement for the writer of the Johnny Depp rumour…

My favorite bit in that rumor was, ‘The Doctor’s gonna go around curing Ebola in Africa,'” he said. “What sort of a plot is that? Can you imagine? In fairness, whatever chump that was typing that had a bit of imagination. Bonkers!

He does say ‘chump’ a lot, which is a bit of a strange choice of derogatory term for someone. But I’m glad that he’s finally put the rumours to bed (only a month later). And now somebody at has a bit of explaining to do for saying that a source corroborated those rumours! Did they? Did they really?

Now, can we stop bothering Mr T Davies and let him get on with writing the next series of [[Torchwood (TV Series)|Torchwood]], please?

(Source: Airlock Alpha)

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