Ruth Lorenzo & The Raspberry Pattern

“Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, I am Ruth Lorenzo and we are The Raspberry Pattern. Fucking enjoy this ride!” shouted an emotional Ruth Lorenzo just after opening her show singing an opera piece that leaked online some months ago, proving that it is actually her who can belt out those notes. Amazing. This was the Spaniards first live show with her band, sold out in two days, by the way (the place was packed!). She continued her set with ‘I Am’, “Every breath I’ve got inside, can you feel me?” she sang. Well, Miss Lorenzo, one would have to be made out of damn cold stone not to feel you. She only needed one song to demonstrate what The Raspberry Pattern is all about. Something that in this glossy poppy bubblegum world many people may not understand, but that something is called real music.

‘Elevate’ is a pure emotional rock, ‘Burn’ is a softer radio-friendly track while ‘Eternity’ is an astonishingly beautiful poem. And last, but of course not least, was Bloodline, a magical cocktail of Evanescence’s obscurity, Paramore’s slick and Snow Patrol’s mainstream pop-rock, all sprinkled with Ruth’s unique passion and vocal range.

She even had time to sing in Spanish, the soft rock Paramore-ish ‘Me Tienes Loca’, plus the track she penned for her X-Factor mentor, Dannii Minogue, ‘Cos You’re Beautiful’, a more than catchy tune that also proves her writing skills. She also delivered amazing covers of ‘Highway To Hell’, Muse’s ‘Sing For Absolution’, and, yes, you guessed right, Purple Rain. Do I really have to describe how that sounded?

The whole concert took Ruth’s music proposal to another level. Ruth is no longer a X-Factor product. Ruth is a product of her own. Her looks, her sound, her style, her band. It has taken her two years to develop this, but man, it was more than worth it. I would wait another ten years for something like this. With Ruth Lorenzo and The Raspberry Pattern you get what it says on the label, which is most definitely the authentic meaning of music, and the good one.

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  1. tito3415

    This gig was on 4th February at 229 Venue, London. Does it normally take over a month to review a gig?! Old gig, old review. Obselete.

    1. ThatOne

      More than the date, I find the bad language really offensive.  Why do poor comedians resort to insulting people and/or bad language?  Does it demonstrate that they know they are worse than mediocre?  And why repeat the bad language?  Is it an old report that was wheeled out in a rush to provide padding?

      Thank you for highlighting the whole tawdry business.

  2. RealMusicGirl

    Yes ThatOne, the bad language is very offensive, especially given that nobody knows who she is anyway. It does demonstrate being worse than mediocre. She might as well be a comedian, because judging by the review the band mixed Evanescence with Paramore and Prince! What a diaster, if not a recipe for one! As for the report of an old gig – that’s just lame.  

    1. ThatOne

      From what I have endured I thought it was a comic spoof about a useless singer…  Mind you I’ve generally managed to go strategically deaf when someone goes on a hunt around YouTube.  My ignorance reassures me; there is so much I do not want to know about, whatever my daughters may do to “teach” me.

  3. Ageing tart

    Come on folks irrespective of when you saw or heard something great or terrible, give your feed back if you’d like to have a shot at writing a blog.

    The older the better especially if that gig or the artist was a real celebrity and gifted singer or musician it does not matter whether it was this week, last week, last year or ten years ago.

    I’ve just fallen in love again with the song writing skills of Gordon Lightfoot, after having heard one of his songs used in an advert and another on the radio and another in a film. It reminded me you see of what being a singer and a musician is all about. Not the magazine and glamour image glaring out at you from the page or the one eyed monster in the corner of your living room.

    Singers, musicians and songwriters are real people hip hip horay. So before I stray to long here, I must get back to some guitar playing.

    BTW for anyone interested Ruth Lorenzo was in the X factor a few years ago and she wasn’t to bad. But today with just a few years more behind her who knows in ten years time she could well be something memorable for someone, if she has the stamina to keep going no matter what the odds are.


    Ageing tart

  4. Claudia Casali

    Maureen. I think you’re right. More people here should blog about their likes and dislikes. Blogging is such a good way to express opinions. I think the world would certainly be a dull and uneventful place if we all liked the same music, books, arts or even non cultural stuff.  


  5. ThatOne

    Song has been a beacon in my life since I was ten or so years old; a beacon that grew brighter as my realisation that I could not sing just plain grew.  I follow American Idol and have followed the various talent shows in the UK.  To be complete I have not hooked up on AI 2011, it is atrociously bland, and XF 2010 could be the last for me because the producers made it more and more clear, during the show, that they were more interested in the viewing stats of a “sensational” show than in the genuine singers, leaving me doubting XF 2011.

    I cannot understand why an ambitious singer should deprive himself or herself of one of the various paths to success.  A singer who thinks he or she is better than the singers on such-and-such talent show, and that the singers on that show are inferior artistes who have usurped their success just has to go and give it a try.  XF 2009 had a singer called Jamie Archer who did challenge his own prejudice about the show.  His success was limited, but he is now recording an album, and good on him!  XF 2010’s runner-up, Rebecca Ferguson, had also made various attempts to get a singing career going, and made a second attempt at XF success, which would also have been her last attempt at success in any form if she had failed.  It transpired that Rebecca is an outstanding singer who is writing and generally preparing her first album while she participates in the XF tour.  She is one of the very best female singers I have ever heard, and, trust me, at my age I do not gush cheap praise.  She will almost certainly be around for twenty years and more, with the sole caveat that she may perform sparingly once her personal target of ensuring her children have the best possible start in life is attained.

    If a long-suffering singer inching along the traditional route to success is jealous of the mild success of Jamie or the stirring success of Rebecca they should go down the same path.  Standing aside to jeer those who move ahead and succeed is an excellent formula for embittered failure.

    Finally, those who have built “real world” success on the footings of American Idol include Adam Lambert, Kelly Clarkson, Chris Daughtry and Jennifer Hudson, (not all of whom are to my personal taste…), and predicting they will not be around in ten years is very, very unwise.

    Finally finally, and trying to be diplomatic, I have a virtually allergic reaction to the widespread misspelling of “definite/definitely”.  Where did “definately” originate?

  6. Claudia Casali

    Rebecca Ferguson has the voice of an angel, her soul and emotive style is beautiful to listen to. I agree with you that Rebecca will do well. I wish her every success. I think that actually she may have been too good for the show. I am sure that she will do well in her career, and I will almost certainly buy her album.

    As for American Idol, I think that the success of this show and the former contestants it helped create, including a number of highly successful recording artists, such as Kelly Clarkson and Carrie Underwood, as well as others of varying notability is due to the revenue it generated for Fox Broadcasting Company, and helped push Fox into becoming the leading TV network in 2008. Don’t forget that its creator Simon Fuller claimedthe show, “saved Fox”. As one of the most successful shows in U.S. television history, American Idol has a strong impact not just on television, but also in the wider world of entertainment. The intent of the show, as indicated in its original title, is to ‘search for a superstar’ amongst undiscovered talents, and it had some success doing so. Also, do not forget the difference in viewers between the U.S. and U.K.

    BTW. Did you know that ‘The Raspberry Pattern’ is colloquially known as the shape of one’s lips whilst blowing raspberries? It’s amusing to think that the performer in this article could possibly liken their music and the name of their band to this. I feel that if this is meant ironically then it definitely fails (blowing a raspberry). Whatever next?



    1. ThatOne

      I omitted Kelly and Carrie because neither is exactly ground-breaking and innovative.  Country is part of American popular culture, but it’s history!  There’s a crossover point between country music and  pop music, pretty much exactly where Bo Bice operates, but he is such a creative, resolutely modern singer.  At one point American Idol tried to push a country style on Chris Daughtry, probably to improve ratings; thankfully Chris threw the shackles of AI aside as soon as he could.

      The best way to get out of the image created by X Factor or AI is to not win. Steve Brookstein had to let his contract with Simon wither and die rather than renew it, Rebecca is thriving on the artistic freedom of second place. I am sure Simon would not want “his” winner reworking “Make You Feel My Love” the way Rebecca is doing; announcing her album will be based on new material written by herself and others is not a “Simon move”; and putting a November release album on pre-order in March is not typical of Simon in any way.  Simon took a full year having Leona Lewis transformed before her album was released, but she is mainstream pop anyway so the transformation was not like the one Steve refused.  Being  remodelled is certainly not on Rebecca’s agenda; remodelling songs is!

      To prosper long term after American Idol or X Factor make sure you do not win and that you have the musical talent and the clear image of yourself you need to succeed by any other means.  Talent shows only open a door; they are no guarantee of longevity.  Rebecca is her own guarantee of longevity! (You may have noticed that I love Rebecca in every way I can discuss with my wife…)

  7. William Stockton-Smith

    I’ve always been interested to read reviews of gigs in and around London. The plethora of clubs, venues and concert halls are fantastic, and will remain so. I have been a session musician for many years, playing with various artists both at gigs, concerts and in the studio. It bemuses me why a music critic would publish a review of a gig that is older than a month. I always like to keep my finger on the pulse when it comes to whose doing what in the music world, especially if they have an iota of talent, unfortunately I can’t say that Ruth Lorenzo and The Raspberry Pattern have. This is because the review is so bias and is probably written by a sychophantic fan on her behalf. Musicians and people in the industry enjoy the comments and reviews by critics no matter how adverse they appear at times. Publications such as NME etc have always had a long relationship with musicians. After all without the critics, the music would not be known needless to say publicised.

  8. Claudia Casali

    Yes, we are on the same wavelength. Rebecca will definitely do well. As we know she will not have to transform her image or style, she is her own person and is confident in that knowledge. Unlike others. You’re right, she is her own guarantee of longevity. She will be bigger and better than Leona Lewis and Alexandra Burke. Rebecca sang “A Change Is Gonna Come” at her X Factor audition and blew away the judges of Louis Walsh, Nicole Scherzinger and Simon Cowell as all three gave her a “yes”. That change she sang about has happened, she wasn’t wrong and I definitely vote YES too!

  9. Ageing tart

    I’ve avoided going in for programmes like the Z factor as if it were a plague.

    I have responsiblilities and what the programme makers cover is a laugh. It would not cover the cost of living or keep my flat on etc whilst going through the heats and staying in their boot camp. It would also mean me letting people down. Because I am a music industry mentor on behalf of the arts bodies, and in addition to being a performing classical singer I teach singing, as I’m qualified to do so.

    I am also an older singer and the press that the older singers get, is horrendous. Its almost like you have no place in society accept as mothers, or grandma’s. I also believe telling it as it is. I have my feet firmly on the ground and have since my rose tinted lenses were smashed in my late twenties due to responsibilities on the home front as a carer. 

    When you find yourself tied to someone you love, you can’t just pack your bags and dish off for those big lights any more.

    Instead you start to exhaust what your region has to offer, which is either something or nothing and then you exhaust a neighbouring region eventually building up the areas and clients you know that you can service with professional music services. All of this adds to experience.

    This is the experience that none or few of any reality shows contestants ever have, but I can tell you that some regional singers, really are better than anything the radio or tv has made of others. In the regions this is known as keeping your finger on the pulse.

    So if anyone is curious about the way I write, or help people and if you’d like to hear a sample of my singing I will gladly send it to you. All you need do is send me your email address via the message system here. As sometimes you will only ever understand someone when you hear the voice of the individual who has made serious investments in the art of singing.


    Ageing tart

    Ageing because I’m not getting any younger, but tart because I’m young enough to still enjoy myself and my music.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I’ll refer you to my comment below – if you’re upset or offended by a simple expletive in this day and age, you must faint every time you receive a spam email for porn or viagra!

      No offense, but with pop acts like Rihanna selling hyper-sexualised songs on the mainstream pop chart, you seem to be spending an inordinate amount of time seeking out a grafting singer/songwriter who’s maybe just a little bit excited at performing her first gig, singing her own songs with a live band. If you’re an anti-swearing zealot, why not point your guns at higher profile people?

      Also, interesting that your username is FernandoCat and Ruth just tweeted a picture of her cat…called Fernando. Could it be that you just have some axe to grind about Ruth?

  10. Frieda Peeples

    Ruth sang Purple Rain OK. I preferred Daniel Johnson and Treyc Cohen’s covers of Purple Rain on the X Factor anyway. I thought Treyc nailed it. Daniel sung it beautifully. Just my personal preference.  

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I have to say, I was a big fan of Ruth’s on X Factor. Gorgeous, curvy, passionate with a great voice, she belted out Purple Rain with a unique power. I thought it was highly unoriginal of Simon Cowell to ask Danyl Johnson to repeat the trick just one year later, and his version wasn’t anywhere near as powerful or emotive. Treyc Cohen had a great rock sensibility, and sang it well, but Ruth remains the best X Factor performance of that song. For me, anyway!

      Also, I don’t understand why so many of you are getting bent out of shape about her using swearwords introducing her set. That’s hardly the most offensive thing about modern pop culture and not really all that radical anymore. For me, it conveys her excitement at performing live, and it’s also a subtle way of saying that she’s moved away from the sanitized commercial pop of The X Factor. Furthermore, Ruth is heading toward being a very convincing rock artist. I’ve heard a couple of her original tracks, and they’re brilliant. 

  11. Ageing tart

    I think the most annoying thing about modern day pop performers is that they are more like advocates of the sex industry and the new celebrity culture folk seem so mad on.

    This doesn’t mean I excuse bad language as something lesser, its all part of the same thing. The arrival of the uncouth and the sexualised artist, that is if you want to call them artists in the beginning.

    In the past the pop world gave you a percentage of the drugged up, foul mouthed and senseless. Nowadays a good percentage is sexed up, over-rated, underdressed, and less than average talented.


    AGeing tart

  12. Claudia Casali

    Jessie J is super. I think her music and style is original. I really rate her, and think that she has done much better than any X Factor contestant. It just goes to show that not everyone needs the X Factor or has an axe to grind!

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