S05 Companion Named!

Karen Gillan

So we’ve all heard that the gorgeous Karen Gillan is going to be the new funny, clever, gorgeous and sexy companion to the new doctor but more details have been announced!

  • Her name will be Amy!
  • She’ll have a Scottish accent!

There are rumours that the chemistry between Amy and Smith!Doctor will even rival of that of Rose and Tennant!Doctor (personally I perferred the chemistry between Rose and Eccleston!Doctor but whatever…).

My favourite thing I’ve (mis)read about the character so far came from Moffat:

A generation of little girls will want to be her. And a generation of little boys will want them to be her too.

Because what I wanted it to say was: “And a generation of little boys will want to be her too.”

What qualities would you like to see in the new companion?

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  1. Guada

    The only thing I want is for them not to have a big romance as Rose and Nine/Ten. I mean, I think they were awesome together (first with Nine, then with Ten) I cried when she was left stranded in the paralel universe, and I cried when she came back and she got her own doctor to spend the rest of her life with. But that´s that. I don´t need another great romance. Martha had the hots for him, ok, who wouldn´t, but then came Donna, who thought he was too thin and all she wanted was to see the universe. And she was great. What I want is a girl who likes him, or love him, really, but not to LOVE him. That´s tiresome.

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