Sage Francis – The Best of Times

Sage Francis – The Best of Times.

I happened to be listening to the radio the other day there and caught this song, I was blown away! It’s beautiful and powerfully engaging.

The lyrics are stunning and thought provoking, the melodies, beutiful. This truly has given me goosebumps!

I found myself hooked on every word – but amongst the lyrics that are memorable to me are:

“It was beutiful, it was brutal, it was cruel, it was business as usual…”

“It became abundantly clear, I was only here to suffer…”

This is definitely something I’d reccomend you have a listen to – regardless of your music preference! I’m not generally a follower of this genre, but this song is incredible.

[i]Sage Francis – Anti Records OUT 11 MAY 2010[/i]

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