Sarah Connor Chronicles – S02E18 – Today Is The Day (Part 1)

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Jesse, having Riley’s freshly shot corpse in her bedroom, has been busy straightening up and buying an exact replica of the table that got destroyed in the last episode. Today Is The Day contains the following:

  • Sarah and Derek separately suspect that Cameron killed Riley. Sarah tries to convince John  that Cameron cannot fully be trusted, especially after she discovers Cameron’s stash of spare parts.
  • Ellison has to work out John Henry’s riddles in order to find Weaver’s daughter Savanah, who has gone missing in the office building.
  • Jesse starts a fight in a bar as a cover story for the cuts on her face. She also has a series of flashbacks to a submarine operation in the future where a reprogrammed Terminator seemingly double-crossed his human handlers. She uses this as a rationale to Derek that Cameron needs to be dealt with.
  • John visits Riley’s body in the morgue and discovers the cuts on her hands and face. It’s not clear whether he still is starting to suspect Cameron.

Sarah has decided that it’s time to move on, but in conversation with their landlady, she discovers Riley’s body has been found in a river. She tells John this as he packs the garage with Cameron. Cameron, waiting outside, intimates that there’s still a problem with her when she talks to a pigeon: “Goodbye bird – there’s a 51% chance I wouldn’t have killed you.”

Cameron comes under suspicion for killing Riley. Sarah distrusts her, and tries to convince John not to believe everything Cameron says. However, for the moment he remains loyal to her.

Later, Cameron and John hatch an elaborate plot to give John an alibi: John visits Riley’s foster father and asks to speak with her. While he’s there, Cameron calls the house and mimics Riley’s voice. However, Cameron breaks with the plan when she asks to speak to John and tells him over the phone that she loves him. Outside the house, Cameron explains that she did it to get a more believeable performance out of John. He’s angry however, and storms off alone.

In the Wonderful World of Weaver, John Henry encourages Weaver’s daughter, Savanah, to play hide and seek. When Ellison and Weaver discover John Henry knows where she is, he insists they decode his clues to find out where the girl is hiding. Ellison becomes angry with John Henry for not following rules and jeopardising the little girl’s life. They later discover her sleeping in the helicopter on the roof.

Jesse has a series of flashbacks to an operation on the submarine where a Terminator seemingly double-crossed her team. This must be the source of her distrust of “the metal”, and you can’t help wonder if Derek’s initial antagonism toward Cameron was borne out of something similar. Interesting.

More interesting, John visits the morgue and looks at Riley’s body. He notices cuts on her face, neck and hands. Would Cameron have had a fight with Riley or simply shot her dead? It’s hard to tell if John sees this as evidence for or against Cameron.

Anyway, the trend is looking good. After a serious slump, [[Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TV Series)|The Sarah Connor Chronicles]] is starting to regain its former pace. Nice to see Ellison coming back, but is anyone else screaming at their screen “She’s a frickin’ robot you moron!”

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