Sarah Connor Chronicles – The Good Wound, episode review

Sarah imagines seeing Kyle Reese

Episode in a nutshell

  • Sarah’s shot in the leg, bleeding badly and halucinating that she’s seeing Kyle Reese. She kidnaps a doctor to help her.
  • Riley’s in hospital after slashing her wrists. John and Cameron are with her, but she escapes to Jesse and asks to stay with her.
  • Cromartie has discovered the Internet and has been doing background research on Ellison and Weaver. He finds the design of the human body less than optimal.
  • Weaver goes on a killing spree, wiping out everybody at the warehouse Sarah discovered, then blowing it up to dispose of the evidence.

The Good Wound – Recap

Sarah Connor’s tripping out in a big way – flashbacks to the past, seeing the ghost of Kyle Reese and those pesky voices in her head. Might be something to do with massive blood loss from that bullet wound in her leg.

Not only that, but John’s making mistakes of his own by breaking the cardinal rule of living off the grid. He brings Riley (she of the slashed wrists) to the hospital. Derek’s not particularly happy about that, but John, playing General, tells him that he’s made the call and they’ll all have to live with it. Grrr, testosterone!

At the start, hearing those immortal lines from the original Terminator movie was brilliant. But after a while, Reese’s constant repetition of the lines starts to grate on your nerves. It’s like he’s run out of dialogue and has to repeat the lines he already knows.

Elsewhere, the resurrected Terminator, Cromartie has been renamed to John Henry and is busily playing with toys while deconstructing the theory of intelligent design and researching Agent Ellison and Catherine Weaver’s business practices. Hilarious to watch that muscular frame flying his self-made robot Gods around while accusing Weaver of being a robot.

Later on, Weaver goes on a massacre of the warehouse that Sarah got shot in. Taking care of Derek’s mission to clean up the site, she blows it up to cover up her tracks.

Back to Sarah, and the doctor has taken pity on her and sneaked her back into the hospital. She performs an operation on Sarah’s leg and takes out the bullet. As Sarah is unconscious, Derek bursts in and the doctor pulls a gun on him. As the two face each other, one of the policemen investigating the missing doctor enters and points his gun at Derek. However, it turns out that he is the abuser that the doctor earlier told Sarah about, and as he raises his voice to her, the doctor shoots him in the chest, killing him.


  • What’s going on between Riley and Jesse? Is their mission to watch the Connors, or are they planning to attack them in some way?
  • This begs the question – does Derek know what they’re doing, or is he oblivious? He’s been spending more time apart from the Connors lately.
  • What are Weaver’s plans for Cromartie, and as he becomes increasingly sentient, will he comply with her or develop his own agenda? I’m interested to see how this will work out.
  • Are we at the end of the ludicrous ‘three dots’ storyline, or is there more to discover?

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