Saturday Night Takeaway- The Best Family Show On TV?

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway is back on TV after four years with hilarious sketches, fooling celebrities and giving the audience a chance to win the Ads. The boys have managed to secure huge ratings for ITV. Have they found the secret to great Saturday Night TV in 2013?

Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway began in 2002 and automatically became a favourite with the audience, winning several gongs and even being voted one of the best shows on TV. I remember growing up with the show and loving little Ant and Dec aswell as when Ant and Dec fooled some celebrities by going undercover. They used to play grab the ads with people from home and also win the ads in the studio, where an audience member got to win many prizes such as a car or a holiday. They also used to have Ant vs Dec which was presented by Kirsty Gallacher which saw the pair compete in various different contests to see who was better. Further down the line they also had groups that competed with them. The ninth series the figures started to dwindle a bit and to be fair, I think the boys wanted to try some other shows for a while. So after series 9, they decided to announce the show was going on a break. The boys have hosted other Saturday night shows since then including Red and Black and Push the Button but none of them really had the charm and magic that Saturday Night Takeaway had.

So in 2013, the boys have brought back a new series which is now being viewed by a new generation as new families and teens are watching. Old favourites such as Ant vs. Dec have been brought back, although now it’s hosted by the beautiful Ashley Roberts, I’m a Celeb runner-up and Dec’s rumoured girlfriend. They have no idea what they are going to do which makes it more fun and I think it’s better than the groups. Little Ant and Dec are back, although the original ones are near adults now so they had to choose a couple of new lads. They have been really funny and cute so far in their interviews with Mila Kunis, the BGT judges and Russell Brown. Win the Ads has returned, Grab the ads isn’t about which is a shame, that used to be quite fun and maybe they will bring this back in another series. They also still surprise the audience; we had a lady on Saturday whose different rooms in her house was shown by different TV programmes.

She won a trip to Australia to go fetch her stuff. We also have had a guy whose family were stunned to see he had been on many different shows and they won a trip away. I think this is great family fun and I’m glad they still do this section. They also are still surprising celebrities with some of my favourite moments so far including stunning One Direction and pretending to be guests on the Jeremy Kyle show and fooling him. Some new fun things they have started to do include ‘I’m a Celeb, get out of me ear!’ in which a celebrity such as Louis Walsh or Emma Bunton have to do exactly what Ant and Dec say. The Louis Walsh sketch was hilarious, especially seeing him talking to Danni Minogue through a banana. Also the Saturday Night Takeaway computer which goes to different towns and makes people do crazy stuff to win a trip to Vegas has been fun. They have also got various people such as a taxi driver and a newly married couple to take part in a fun game to win a trip for Vegas and this has been cool too. At the end of the show now, they have a group or a singer performing and they both get involved in the performance. Last week was the Big Reunion Stars which included Blue, Five and Atomic Kitten. Ant and Dec performed their famous tune ‘Let’s Get Ready To Rumble’ which they released as PJ and Duncan. Surprisingly, the tune has now shot up to number 1 in ITunes. I think this shows how popular the boys are in the UK.

So Saturday Night Takeaway is a great show for everyone and I think it’s great that every week is very different. As I said, it’s now appealing to a new generation and I think the show could go on for many series if the boys want to, especially because they are using such popular people such as One Direction and Mila Kunis and Ant and Dec are extremely likable.



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