Say what? Chris Brown hit Rihanna?

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How did I miss the news about [[Chris Brown]] alledgedly hitting [[Rihanna]]? Apparently the couple argued at a pre-Grammy event, and ended up getting out of their car, where upon Rihanna was apparently severely beaten.

The details are incredibly fuzzy, and it looks like the media are jumping on this story, making up most of it as they go along. I’ve read several different accounts, and I don’t know what to believe. All the facts seem to agree that Rihanna took quite a beating, as the unfortunately named Celebrity Smack Blog states:

Earlier reports of Rihanna suffering bite marks to an arm and multiple fingers were true, and the singer also suffered a bloody nose, cut lips and two rather large contusions on her forehead. It’s not known for sure if she suffered broken teeth as earlier reported.

Many blogs and news sites are reporting that Brown has a history of domestic violence with Rihanna. Really disturbing when you consider that the couple were widely regarded as a hot item, the Troy and Gabriella of the R&B scene, touring and performing together regularly. One thing I note is that most reports are liberally scattered with ‘alledgedly’, so it’s difficult to seperate fact from fiction. And it will continue to be until either Rihanna or Chris release some sort of statement. Which might be inevitable given the significance of this news.

Of the more absurd items, I’ve read:

  • Brown was flirting with Leona Lewis, which made Rihanna jealous. Come on – everybody knows Leona’s virtually married to her long-time boyfriend. Brown didn’t stand a chance.
  • Or try this nugget about Rihanna giving herpes to Brown, which apparently she caught from Jay-Z who’s married to Beyonce. Cuck-oo! If you believe that fairytale, you probably think Shrek is real.
  • Some wag took a picture of Rihanna and Photoshopped it to make her look bruised.

So, as the trial by media of Chris Brown continues, I’m stunned at the variety of reports out there. Some even claim Rihanna isn’t exactly a joy to live with either. But the bottom line is, as ABC News reported, Brown’s reputation is taking a battering right now, advertisers are walking away from him and wrapping up campaigns he’s involved in.

Hardly a case of innocent until proven guilty, but there’s a growing dossier of evidence to confirm that Rihanna sustained a number of injuries. Until a statement is made, the media will continue to point the finger at Brown as prime suspect. This is the part where any ex-girlfriend he ever had gets a phone call and a hefty bribe to dish the dirt on him.

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  1. i.Am.AnOnYmOuS

    Uh, “j0j0”?  Chris Brown has admitted that he did it, apologized to Rihanna for hitting her and stated that he is going to get ‘help’ from his pastor.

    Still think he didn’t do it?

  2. Anonymous

    I have heard so many stories i dont know what to believe no matter what the situation was he should have never beaten her to the point he did she is still a girl! Put your mom in Rihanna’s place and then tell her its her fault or its some bull. Its not right all the lil chris brown groupies dnt care cuz there prioritys are messed up its not fair

  3. art


    everything happens for a reason…

    so, why did Chris Brown beat Rihanna so badly….?

    many reports are so confusing……….

  4. Anonymous

    Oh Rihanna Is Making A Big Story Out Of This She Deserved It. She A Jealous Bitch. He Should Have Done Worse And Theres More To The Story. Rihanna Says I Thought He Was Going Too Kill Me. She Well Knew He Wasnt Shes A Dope , Talentless Cow.

  5. Sharon

    When I read this item I really wanted to post a comment, so therefore I did. I’m a fan of Chris Brown and media saying he alledgedly assault Rihanna gave me doubts at first. But then I saw this story all around the internet and on the news. If it isn’t true I’m sure Rihanna or Chris would make a statement of false accusations. But neither of them did. Chris Brown even made a statement apologizing to Rihanna. But he didn’t admit he assaulted Rihanna. I don’t believe the rumours around this story saying he was flirting or she giving him herpes. But I do believe he did it, but this still has to be proven. No matter what situation had occured or whatever she may have done (although I’m a fan of him) he should never hit a woman!!! I can’t believe there are people saying she deserved it. It’s probably normal ??? to some girls beaten up by guys.

  6. claudia

    ii feel sorri for rhianna buhh im glad chris brownn sed sorry too herr ,rhianna is soo luckkyy too get a cute man like chris brown and ii wish ii was herr..:)

  7. claudia

    ii feel sorri for rhianna buhh im glad chris brownn sed sorry too herr ,rhianna is soo luckkyy too get a cute man like chris brown and ii wish ii was herr..:)

  8. claudia

    ii feel sorri for rhianna buhh im glad chris brownn sed sorry too herr ,rhianna is soo luckkyy too get a cute man like chris brown and ii wish ii was herr..:)

  9. WelshSinger

    You cannot think that celebrities have a perfect life.

    poor rihanna.

    chris brown has ruined his baby faced image. and possibly his whole career.

  10. Anonymous

    I Agree Hes Ruined his Career Total! He had a young Nd Old Fan base Nd EveryOne Loved Him But Now People Just See Him As a Women Beater? Im a Big Fan Of Chris Brown Even Went To See Him In Concert…But I Duno I Believe What The Media are saying..It All seems a Bit odd.. Why Would he Hurt Rihanna? What did she do? Too Many questions Tbhh..


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