Secondhand Serenade – breathtaking romantic rock

John Vesely

Secondhand Serenade is the musical project of one John Vesely and his band, an ambituious soulful rock sound that is certain to be a hit among those of a romantic disposition.

The band have two albums available – Awake, their debut, and 2008’s A Twist In My Story. The music itself is richly layered a combination of subtle acoustic and piano tunes building into sweeping orchestral crescendos. Get a taste of the band on their Fall For You video here.

And if you want to listen to some full-length versions of their songs, may I point you toward their PureVolume page.

One major point of failure (John, I hope you’re listening) is that I cannot find an embeddable version of their video on YouTube. Providing half-a-song on MySpace and nothing shareable via YouTube might sell a few extra albums, but it really makes it difficult to illustrate how good the band is, right on the page here. Sort it out.

Update: Ooops, a little ingenuity later, and someone else has shared a copy of the video on YouTube. Enjoy – this is a really great track.

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