Secret Diary: Can a prostitute fall in love?

When I reviewed the last episode of [[Secret Diary Of A Call Girl (TV Series)|Secret Diary Of A Call Girl]], I was secretly a little underwhelmed by it. For a moment, it seemed like the series really hadn’t got a sense of direction. Funny, but that’s something the viewer needs – they need to feel the story has a progression, that it’ll be resolved somehow.

Tonight’s episode went a little way toward resolving our storyline – basically, Belle was asking the question: Can a prostitute fall in love and have a healthy relationship?

OK, it’s a bit difficult to get your head around a call girl saying “You’re acting like nothing happened, and frankly I find that a bit odd.” This is someone who sells sex as a commodity. But, as usual for Belle, the client provides the answers. Yes, a Robson Green lookalike Jack-The-Lad type tells her that he’d be able to accept her as a prostitute.

And what the episode boils down to is Belle trying to work out if a prostitute can have a normal romantic relationship. Not once does it occur to Jack-The-Lad or her editor ‘friend’ to offer to save her from her sex worker lifestyle: is that a sign of an egalitarian, modern outlook on the oldest profession in the world, or is Belle’s editor just a dirty old hornball?

Nevertheless, Belle’s friend Bambi seems to be having quite a rose-tinted time with her new-romantic boyfriend/client Byron. Indeed, they’re about to get married. Ah, love’s young dream… On the other hand, Belle’s former madam cautions her that money is the only reliable thing in life.

Of course, we’ll have to wait until the next episode to find out just how accepting Belle’s new boyfriend can be. (hint: it’s not looking too good) Again, I’m finding the half-hour format not long enough to properly develop the story, but the mix of no-holds-barred sex scenes and fast-paced (non bedroom) action are enough to make up for it.

One question remains though – did the real Belle have an affair with her editor after the first book came out? I’m just dying to know…

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