Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Season 4, Episode 3 – Belle gets emotionally involved?

Uh-oh. Looks like the walls between Belle’s secret life as a call girl and her normal day-to-day life as Hannah are slowly starting to crumble.

In tonight’s Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, Belle tells us how much she likes danger and the idea of getting caught. It’s a scenario she explored last week as she straddled a lawyer in his office with the door slightly ajar.

But tonight, danger (in the form of ex-EastEnder Paul Nichols) finds Belle and teases her with some filthy writhing in an alleyway, followed by a torrid shag in a hotel wardrobe. And it’s not just the sex, this guy says all the right things – he talks about loving being “out of step with the world”, paraphrasing something Belle said minutes earlier. She gets incredibly conflicted by this steamy discussion and runs off in tears. 

And that’s the least of her problems – her sister Jackie shows up for a visit, just as racy photos are being delivered for Belle. Oh, and Jackie’s not pleased to discover Ben and Belle are together. Amid the confusion, Belle doesn’t hide the photos terribly well and when Bambi raises Poppy’s suspicions, Poppy opens them. When she discovers Belle in the photos, she breaks into her bedroom and finds confirmation that Belle is an escort. Confrontations, ahoy!

To be fair, I thought the new character would be a journalist threatening to ‘out’ Hannah/Belle and bring the series to a conclusion that way. Having him be a thrill-seeking cop was a nice twist. And I prefer him to drippy Ben already. And apparently Belle feels an instant attraction to him too. What I don’t understand is why he sought Belle out in the first place – any answers from our eagle-eyed readers?

With only a handful of episodes left until Secret Diary closes forever, we need to see Belle more torn between these two men. My enjoyment of the episode was slightly marred by reading this post about how offensive Secret Diary is. Which basically goes to say that the show glamourises prostitution, relies on old cliches and is generally offensive to all right-thinking people. But really, it’s a bit of an adult drama that adults can enjoy for a bit of titilation.

Still, it was a bit of a downer, especially in an episode where there was an actual *gasp* erotically charged sex scene. 

Did you guys enjoy tonight’s Secret Diary?

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