Sex On Fire – Tina Cousins – Single Review

Well firstly the song, as brilliant as it is, is reaching the heights of all great songs where it has been overplayed and we’re glad of the breaks when it stops.  So a dance cover version is probably what we least wanted.  That said the song itself is better than expected, obvisouly it’s not going to hit number one in every country but it does what it was sent to do, which is basically put a dance beat to the KOL original.

There’s not really much to say that you don’t already know, you will have heard remixes of the song already no doubt, and if you haven’t you will no doubt know  what to expect.  The production is quite good, there’s been enough work done to at least make it sound different to the original with a slow dramatic intro building it’s way up to the expected dance beat as it goes on.  But other than this it’s same old, same old.

Unless you’re a fan of the dance genre, the only time you are likely to hear it is on your Friday and Saturday nights in the relevant clubs.  Not bad, but my opinion is the song has been used and abused enough now, let it have some recovery time.


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