Shabby and Sunshine nominated for first Big Brother eviction

[[Shabby Katchadourian]] and Sunshine Martin are the first two housemates to be up for eviction in the [[Big Brother 2010 (Series 11)|Big Brother]] house this year. God-drunk minister Dave Vaughan was also nominated by the housemates, but won back his place in the house by winning a Big Brother task.

In a twist, [[Dave Vaughan|Dave]] was allowed to nominate another housemate, and chose Beyonce lookalike [[Rachael White]]. This caused the mini-diva to burst into tears at the nomination, drawing an apology from Dave. He explained his rationale by saying he thought she would be one of the public’s favourites (so less likely to get voted out).

We talked about the possibility of Shabby getting nominated in my Big Brother Update yesterday. I’m not surprised at this. Her explosive temper after Big Brother gave her a telling off likely annoyed a lot of housemates. And since they haven’t been in the house a full week yet, it’s a sign of things to come once the cabin fever sets in.

[[Sunshine Martin|Sunshine]] is less of a surprise. She’s inadvertently managed to piss off most of the housemates within a very short time. She’s wrong-footed Govan, who’s subsequently made it his mission to preach on and on and on about how he dislikes and distrusts her. From the whiny, miserable character I’ve seen in the house, I can only assume she called herself Sunshine to escape the hard work of being a happy, positive person.

Now we add Rachael to the list of possible evictees. She’s pretty hot. At least she was before Sunshine forgot to buy hair straightener tokens. She’s got a bit of a tendency to whine and bitch, but compared to Sunshine, she’s relatively under the radar. And she looks like Beyonce. Let’s not forget that bit.

Over to you lot now: which one do you want to see walking out of the house on Friday’s eviction?

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    1. Emz

      She’s pretentious as – I have only seen bits and bobs of BB so far, but she stands out as the person who annoys me – and the other housemates – most. Get her out!

  1. Trudy

    My choice out of the 3 would be sunshine, why she changed her name to that I don’t know as she doesn’t do anything but moan all the time. She thinks she is better than the others and has to be right, you can see the other housemates mood change when she comes into the room. She should have changed her name to annoying or moody it would have suited her much better.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Yeah, something like “Thunderstorm”. She kept a real low profile around the house today. I think being nominated has made her realise that she’s been difficult to live with.

      Do you think if she keeps quiet people will forget about her and vote Shabby instead?

      1. Emz

        I don’t think so – the damage is already done. Sure, Shabby has rubbed people up the wrong way with her explosive temper, and Rachael annoys too with her constant moaning about not being able to straighten her hair (just wear a hat or stick it up in a ponytail FFS!) but what Sunshine has done to annoy which is EVERYTHING far outweighs all of that. I think she *thinks* people might forget if she tries to actually live up to her name between now and Friday, but I’m pretty sure she’s wrong.

        1. Gerard McGarry

          Sunshine’s barely been in the highlights shows in the last couple of days. That’s a hint that she’s keeping a low profile. Still, I prefer Shabby and Rachael. Hope Sunshine goes home tomorrow!

  2. Emz

    I haven’t been watching really but I try to catch up with the shows online whenever there is no one here to bitch at me about it (BB is kinda a taboo in this house!) so I’m sure I’ll see for myself that Sunshine’s been laying low. If she isn’t appearing too often in the highlights shows then perhaps you are right – perhaps people will be more inclined to vote for Shabby or Rachael simply because they (and their annoying traits) are getting more airtime. It hasn’t worked for me though – I’d still rather have Sunshine out first any day.

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