Shakira Did It Again on The X-Factor

Shakira appeared on The X-Factor tonight to perform the second international single from her She Wolf album titled Did It Again. I much prefer the song to previous single She Wolf basically ’cause I hated the overly Auto-Tuned chorus and the cringeworthy Daft Punkesque “S.O.S. she’s in disguise!” breakdown on the intro. Sorry, got sidetracked there! For me, Did It Again is a much better song because it sounds unusual in a non annoying way, has production courtesy of the very talented Pharrell Williams and a catchy “eh eh” hook. Plus I love the whole oriental theme running throughout. Shakira gave a solid performance of the song, her trademark vocals being spot on and while she doesn’t display the acrobatics shown in the accompanying music video, her dancing was more than satisfactory too. I was just hoping she would mix it up a bit. This is essentialy the same performance she gave on Dancing With The Stars, Jimmy Kimmell Live and at the EMAS. But not wanting to end this article on a bad note, how hot does Shakira look and love or her hate her, she has a much warmer personality than many other current popstars.

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