Shakira – Gypsy – Single & Video Review

Continuing with what I hear is the fourth single from the She Wolf album, our Colombian heroine Shakira releases Gypsy. Considering I’ve been oblivious to Shakira since the She Wolf single was dropped on us, Gypsy comes as a bit of a shock.

Gone are the disco-flavoured backing beats, replaced by harmonica intros and sitar playing (or is it banjo?) on an intensely ethnic-feeling track. All of this sits on a simple snare beat as Shakira warbles on in that sexy-yodeller voice of hers.

It’s a rootsy little tune that shouldn’t be unexpected for longtime fans of Miss Mebarak – she pulls in and uses such an ecclectic range of musical styles that we’ve come to expect this. I still remember the accordian intro to Objection which blended effortlessly into a surf guitar riff. Impressive stuff!

The Gypsy video’s a smouldering affair, as Miss Shakira is joined by tennis player Rafael Nadal (where is Mr Shakira during all of this, you might well ask!) She’s wearing a very revealing black wrap which covers those small and humble boobs, but will clearly have the pervs in the audience leaning closer to the TV to see if she’s wearing anything underneath it.

And, would you believe it, there’s a massive 10 years of an age difference between the two of them. He’s 23, she’s 33. What a cougar! Don’t worry, Shakira’s still engaged to Antonion de la Rua, and Nadal is dating his high school girlfriend.

Perhaps not as timeless a track as we’ve come to expect from Shakira – the side effect of musical experimentation is sometimes weaker material. So while we may end up appreciating what she’s done on this track, I very much doubt many of us will be humming it on the way to work.

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