Shakira – She Wolf – Single and Video Review

Shakira - She Wolf

Colombia’s sexiest export is back with a disco tune and a video that will launch a thousand sinful thoughts in the minds of men. I speak from experience.

In fact, the video for She Wolf might be the sole focus of this review – Shakira dons a range of skin-tight costumes, from a flesh-toned affair while she writhes in a cage and a half-on lycra thingy that’s surely intended as a fashion-based comment on the duality of (wo)man. Or something.

With a supreme effort, we can tear our eyes away from the screen and focus on the music. She Wolf is a blend of good ol’ disco-inspired fun with an omnipresent Daft Punk type electronic voice in the chorus. And Miss Shakira warbling away over the top with her sexy accent is the icing on the cake.

With this single, Shakira might pull off the same trick she did with her breakthrough single, Whenever, Wherever – mesmerizing the populace with her dancing while her song is being subtly drilled into our heads. Remember when she was knee-deep in mud and belly-dancing?

In summary? She Wolf is a strong single. The video was in danger of overshadowing the music, but I think you’ll find after a few listens that you love this.

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  1. RandomEnigma

    Shakira equals pure hotness in the video! I’ve never seen anyone bend that much in real life! What is she…a contortionist! Oh anyways its hot!!!

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Alright, license to be pervy! I especially like the move where she’s lying in the cage and raises her ass in the air. How is that even possible? I’ve been practicing it all day myself…

  2. RandomEnigma

    Haha, too much information there lol! Yes, that is quite a hot move all right! I like it when she wraps her leg around her shoulder!

    Haha I wonder what people who are viewing this website for the first time are thinking haha!

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