Sheryl Crow debuts new single, Summer Day

I saw Sheryl Crow the other day in an episode of [[Cougar Town (TV Series)|Cougar Town]]. Now, I might not be a very spiritual person, but I do believe that life sends you little omens from time to time. And Crow’s appearance in the Courtney Cox sitcom was clearly a forewarning of something…

Fast forward to this morning, and an email about Sheryl’s new single falls into my inbox. It must have been fate.

So here’s the deal. The singer with possibly the sexiest mouth in showbiz plans to return with a new album and a new sound. For her fifth studio album, Sheryl is trying out a soul style. The album’s going to be called 100 Miles From Memphis, and the lead track is to be the stunning, laid-back groove that is Summer Day.

Wanna get a taste of the new single? Pop on over to, log in with your Facebook account and you can stream the track and see the new album artwork. BTW, it sucks to have to sell out your privacy information if you want to hear a new song. That minor grumble aside, Summer Day is a wonderful track. I think if you’ve been a Sheryl Crow fan in the past, this may be the music to rekindle your love affair with her. That, and the aforementioned sexy mouth.

Update: Found an audio clip of the new single…

100 Miles From Memphis

A little bit more information about the new album for you. The title comes from the fact that growing up, Sheryl lived literally 100 miles from…you guessed it. Here’s some more info from the release:

Growing up in Kennett, Missouri, 100 miles from Memphis, Crow grew up listening to the irresistible soul sounds on the radio coming out of Memphis in the late 60s; Otis Redding, Wilson Pickett, Booker T, Aretha Franklin and early 70s; Al Green, Curtis Mayfield, Marvin Gaye, Sly Stone and Aretha Franklin, all of which shaped the artist Sheryl Crow is today.

‘I feel artistically revitalized and the music feels fresh and at the same time very familiar to what I do,” says Crow in a letter to her fans posted on her website this week. “Many of my past songs such as “Run Baby Run,” “My Favorite Mistake,” “Now That You’re Gone” and others are already steeped in this style.”

Produced by the team of Doyle Bramhall II and Justin Stanley (Eric Clapton), 100 Miles From Memphis was recorded at Electric Lady Studios in New York, Henson Recording in Los Angeles and Sheryl’s Nashville based home studio Cross Creek. A talented line up of musicians has recorded on the album including Tommy Simms on bass, Chris Bruce on guitar, Victor Indrizzo and Homer Steinweiss on drums and Jeff Babko on keyboards.

Details of Sheryl Crow summer tour dates can be found via her website.

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