Sheryl Crow – Sign Your Name – Single and Video Review

The second video from Sheryl Crow’s soul-inspired album 100 Miles From Memphis has just had its video released. Sign Your Name is a cover of the Terence Trent D’Arby original from 1988.

And straight from the Strange Bedfellows department, guess who’s singing backing vocals on the track? It’s only bloody Justin Timberlake!

That’s the newsy part of the post over and done with. This track is going to divide opinion. On one hand, Sign Your Name is reminiscent of her Tuesday Night Music Club sound – a group of talented musicians making really high quality music, fronted by Sheryl’s easy, laid-back vocal. On the other hand, the vibe’s so laid back, it’s almost horizontal.

The production quality on this is beyond reproach. It’s flawless. But just a little bit – dare I say it – boring. Let’s be optimistic though, and call it a great chill-out track.

The video for the single is performance all the way, with Sheryl crooning her way through the track surrounded by a moody-looking band. I love the big, glittery Gretsh guitar – it is a Gretsh, isn’t it? And Ms Crow herself looks seductive and glamorous. Did I mention that this woman has the sexiest mouth in showbiz? Well, it bears repeating.

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