Shout Campaign: Help Adam Lambert hit the UK singles chart!

News has reached us that Adam Lambert’s latest single Whataya Want From Me has received pitiful promotional support in the UK after being snubbed by Radio 1 and Radio 2. Check out the current Radio 1 playlist if you don’t believe me.

Without the support from the national stations, the record hasn’t reached the audience it should have. We believe that Whataya Want From Me has the potential to be a massive UK hit for Adam – if it can get the airplay it deserves. Remember, this is a song that was once demoed by Pink – I’m not suggesting that radio is snubbing Adam, but it’s mind-blowing that such a good song isn’t getting airplay at a time when Scouting For Girls are on Radio 1’s A List. Now that’s an outrage!

So, what can you do to help? Well…

Buy the single!

Yes – buy the single. Either go to your local record store (if they exist anymore) or buy from the following outlets to help support Adam. It’s called Whataya Want From Me in case you missed it the first and second time round.

The Lambrits fan site also has a great guide to buying the single if you want more suggestions.

Tell others to buy the single!

Yeah, a lot of this is about spreading the word. So tell friends and family, work colleagues and understanding clergymen to go and buy the single. It’s called Whataya Want From Me, in case you were wondering.

Tell Radio 1 you want the song on the playlist!

Yeah, this is where it gets a bit fanatical, but it has to be done. We don’t know who made the decision to play dross from Scouting For Girls instead of an awesome Adam Lambert song, but they may have been high at the time, or the Tube doors closed on their head that morning. I’ve seen it happen. Let’s not blame them, let’s change their minds.

For a start, check out this list of Radio personalities who are on Twitter and start asking why Lambert isn’t on their playlist! We’re mostly interested in Radio 1 and Radio 2 right now. And use the #adamlambert hashtag when you’re doing it so people can retweet the request.

Good luck!

Yes, good luck to everyone who gets involved in this campaign. It’s not often Unreality Shout gets involved to promote a big-label artist like Adam, but we’re big fans of his and we’re hearing that Sony in the UK have done a miserable job of getting the single promoted – so it’s down to the fans to spread the word. And we know you’re a loyal lot!


  1. Torchwood007

    Excellent article!  I’ve made people aware of it and the fact that they’ve got to buy the single!  I sent an e-mail to Radio 1 and was told that Adam is not a priority for them….. totally disgusted with them.

  2. Dara Hickey


    I really didn’t like ‘For Your Entertainment’ but I love what you’re doing here Gerard! This song is the epitome of perfection!

    COME ON PEOPLE! Are we really going to let the recent onslaught of NOW 76 singles muscle Adam Lambert’s STUNNING new single out of the charts?

    I’ve posted it everywhere over mine and my friends Facebook walls but this won’t do it alone!


    1. rosie

      Thank you so much for getting behind Adam ( omg that sounds bad lol )

      I mean for the support in getting him some promotion in the UK. Being hard core fans we all love the Album as well as WWFM single.

      Adam really deserves to be a hit in the UK the same as he is in the rest of the world.

      Thanks again very much appreciated. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. wordsfailme

    As a UK Adam Lambert fan I am really grateful for your help with this. ย I can’t believe that this song could be a top 10 hit in every country it has been released in apart from the UK.

    For people who don’t know of Adam who come across this campaign, check out this beautiful acoustic version of this song to see how amazingly talented he is and how gorgeous the song is.


  4. mandylou68

    Thank you so much for doing this and highlighting the lack of promotion Adam has in the UK. He has a dedicated and very loyal fan-base here, but unfortunately it still is fairly small in the grand scheme of things. If the track is played more on the commercial stations, I’m convinced Whataya Want From Me will be a huge hit. I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t like the song (and believe me, I play it as often as I can in public!!)

    If you need anymore convincing, watch this LIVE version – he really is amazing and deserves so much more respect in the UK.

  5. Lishie

    This is brilliant article! Thank you. Adam is an amazing talent who deserves every success in the Uk. WWFM is a brilliant song that deserves airplay from R1 and 2 and it’s beyond me why it’s not had that support! So this support for him is great!

    Thanks again ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Lulu

    I’m supporting this. I’m tweeting the BBC R1 and 2 presentors loads about it and will send an email. Adam deserves airplay…this song is incredible <3

    Hope we can all chip in and make this happen


  7. Music Again

    Adam is all about Love, peace and humanity. Love has no colour, Love has no hate , Love has no orientation ( his own words)

    Thankyou Shout  for lightening  the burden of sole  responsibility of supporting Adam  from our shoulders that Sony/RCA was quite happy for us U.K fans to do .

    Thankyou for knowing a talented artist when you hear/see one and reminding everyone that Radio stations and DJ’s  should do what their paid to do – supply us with good  QUALITY music, let us ENJOY music again. 

    BBC give back the radio to us the listeners -give us truly amazing  new non manufactured musicians and artists worthy of our licence fee that pays your wages- else we might turn around and ignore YOUR requests for the yearly fat cheque that you expect us to pay on demand!

  8. wordsfailme

    The Head of Music at Radio 1 is

    George Ergatoudis
    Head Of Music
    BBC Radio 1 and BBC Radio 1Xtra
    BBC Radio 1
    Yalding House
    152-156 Great Portland Street
    W1W 6AJ


    I’m the person who got this reply from an extensive email disputing how their playlist selection works.

    “As for our lack of support for Adam Lambert, firstly please note that we have played Adam in our Switch zone on a Sunday evening.

    As for the main daytime playlist: there are two main reasons we haven’t added his singles so far. Firstly, Radio 1 is obliged to strongly support UK music: a minimum of 40% of each week’s playlist must be by UK artists. Naturally we therefore favour UK acts such as JLS and Diana Vickers. Secondly, Radio 1 must play a wide variety of different styles of music. We consider Adam to be a pop artist and pop is currently one of the most heavily competitive music genres with many strong UK artists. We simply cannot play every song out there, or every artist, and currently we do not consider Adam to be a priority although we will continue to keep an eye on his popularity in the UK.”ย 


    Just a thought but maybe – it’s worth a try!!!


  9. Dara Hickey

    Because Eminem, Rihanna, David Guetta, Flo Rida, B.o.B., Paramore, Travie McCoy, Bruno Mars, Ne-Yo, Yolanda Be Cool, D-CUP, Jason Derulo, Drake, Devlin, INNA, and Jay-Z are all British…

    Somehow I don’t think that’s “strongly supporting” British music. And how come “supporting British music” is allowing Radio 1 to add loower than 80% British musc? I’d understand it if they actually DID “strongly support” British music, and somehow I feel even at least 40% isn’t supporting, it’s mocking.

    It seems that all the ‘decent’ music played on Radio 1 comes from the outside the UK then?

    Don’t we look good.

  10. wordsfailme

    This email address does work and unless there are more than one people with that name at the bbc this is the email for the Head of Music at Radio 1.

    I’ve sent him an email, but got an out of office reply. Apparently he’s on holiday until 2nd August. We could make sure he comes back to a very interesting inbox ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Put something relating to Adam Lambert in your title ๐Ÿ™‚


    The out of office suggests contacting ย for any Radio 1 music queries

  11. fi

    Thank you for this: the campaign and links and names.

    I think perhaps the time has come to forget British reserve and forget about not wanting to offend people by coming across as a mad spammer! There have been suggestions in the past that mass-attacks by fans might put DJs and radio stations off Adam but really Whataya Want From Me has nothing to lose!

    I’m off to tweet and email

    1. wordsfailme

      bb! you don’t have to spam if you want, you could just politely ask why the lack of support? and tell them why you think they should play Adam ๐Ÿ™‚ That may be just as effective.

  12. Essmmee

    Brilliant! Nice one!  This support is very much needed here in the UK. 

    Adam Lambert is an incredible talent and deserves to be big here (his live performances are outstanding – check out Youtube), thank you so much for the support you’re giving him and the song. 


  13. magsmagenta

    This thread has cheered me up no end, it may be too late now for this weeks charts but this does bode well for the future I’m so happy to see that Adam has British fans outside of Lambrits and AdamLambertUK. I was beginning to think that we were truly alone.

  14. magsmagenta

    Just a thought OddOne, you said that you didn’t like FYE But you do like WWFM, That is one of the biggest reasons I love Adam, you never know what he’s going to sing next, there is something for everyone and he does it all so brilliantly. Like his Hair which the JLS fans disapproved of, in a couple of weeks it’ll be different anyway:) 

  15. Jo

    Thanks for a great article and campaign.  I have tweeted as many DJ’s as I can requesting for them to get WWFM added to the playlist.  I have also tweeted the link to this article to many celebs on twitter who I think might care.

    It’s nice to know that other people recognise Adam’s talent and see that it will be such a waste if the UK are the only ones to ignore it.

    I just hope someone takes note.

  16. ALfann

    I’m a dedicated Canadian Adam Lambert fan and I, along with numerous other international fans, am anxiously watching what is happening this week with WWFM in the UK.  WWFM soooo deserves a fighting chance in the UK so I am elated to see “Unreality Shout” join the campaign to get the song some radio play.  WWFM was HUGE here in Canada and it still gets a lot of spins.  Best of all, Adam won a MMVA (Much Music Video Award) for it here in Canada.  All WWFM needs is a fighting chance.  Once it’s played, the song will sell itself.  Thanks “Unreality Shout” and all the UK fans.  In the absence of any professional promotion, its heartwarming to know you are all giving WWFM your best shot.     

  17. lovebdylan

    Thank you so very much Unreality Shouts, this not only means so much to the UK fans, but also to Adam’s international fans. We see the unbelievable talent that is Adam Lambert and want the world to appreciate it as well.

    The UK has a long tradition of offering extraordinary talent to the rest of the world……my hope is the UK can now accept a rare talent from outside their shores.

  18. SupportRealTalent

    I want to say a big ‘Thank you’ to Gerard and everyone in Unreality Shout for their support of Adam Lambert and the single WWFM.

    Adam is currently ranked at number two on the list of ‘100 Most Technically Skilled Male Rock Vocalists’ on the DDD Music Forum. And his current Glam Nation Tour concerts are selling extremely well and have been getting lots of critically acclaimed reviews. I would love to see the exceptionally talented Adam Lambert to get the success he deserves in the UK!


  19. jo13

    Thank you so much for supporting Adam, I really think this is a great song and video would love to hear it on one of the national radio stations.

  20. Gemma

    I’m glad that you realise the potential of the talented Adam Lambert. 
    Whataya Want From Me is a fantastic song by an amazing vocalist. Adam 
    derserves recognition in the UK and therefore should be added to the 

    Everybody please go and buy Whataya Want From Me ๐Ÿ˜€

  21. Gerard McGarry

    Hi guys. Gerard here.

    I wanted to thank all you commenters for dropping by and showing your support here on Unreality Shout! Loads of you have retweeted this page on Twitter and shared it out on Facebook. At the present time, we’ve had well over 2,000 views of this page – I like to think that if everybody who viewed this page bought three copies, it would make a massive difference to the chart position of Whataya Want From Me.

    Still, the point is that Radio 1 has somehow decided that Adam Lambert is not relevant to their audience. I betcha they’d have played WWFM if Pink had gone ahead and released it!

    We should continue to encourage people to buy the single, but also to press for radio play. Chris Moyles and Scott Mills have the big hit drivetime shows on Radio 1, and Chris Evans has a stack of listeners since taking over Terry Wogan’s breakfast slot on Radio 2. Some requests in the right ears via TXT and Twitter might help things out, no?

    No need to come across as fanatical about it, either. Some of these DJs only play what they’re told to, what’s put on their playlists. Come off as a bunch of crackpots, and they’ll dismiss the campaign. The key point here is that Adam has released a great single, it’s charted well in other parts of the world, and it deserves to be heard beyond the loyal fanbase that Adam’s attracted.

  22. Music Again

    Something else that makes me angry- is all the money made from texting to radio stations, egged on between each song by the D.J’s to make requests.Have you noticed that there is hardly any advertising going on nowadays. The BBC was never a commercial station- yet it is raking in money from requests by texts . I dont text anymore as its money down the drain if a song isnt even playlisted ! I’m thinking thats why the artists they playlist now- are aimed at the kids as they are the ones downloading itunes and buying ipods and mp3’s and texting all day on their iphones  . My friends and i have often wondered if there is anyway checking on what IS actually sent in via texts. We are also told that the music is already on a loop being repeated throughout the day. We have been tweeting requests for months on end and emailing D.J’s direct. I dont know of anyone having a reply , or a requests played from a ( genuine) tweet. We are encouraged to text- text- text  – but what is the point if they have already set the tunes up for the day. I dont think they would want us to know that fact!


  23. magsmagenta

    I’ve tried texting but I’m useless at it, my texts keep getting returned, I struggle to write anything on my phone anyway it takes me ages to write anything out and then I can’t work out how to punctuate, so texting isn’t for me anyway. I like Twitter and facebook because it’s easier and you can also see what other people are requesting.

    But I suppose they can’t make money out of that.

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