Simon Cowell leaving Britain’s Got Talent for Good?

Well this week the reality tv world has been focusing modestly on Simon Cowell’s ‘departure’ from next years’ audition phases of the hugely popular show.

The music executive reportedly told the Sun,

 “There are times when you watch these horrific acts and you genuinely think you can’t go on. I like doing the show but it takes a hell of a lot of time.

Eventually something has to give. Can I see it working without me? Yes.”

However Cowell, 50, has now admitted to Reveal Magazine that he does indeed intend on scaling back his role on Got Talent. He said,

“I won’t be doing the Britain’s Got Talent auditions next year. I will join the show at the semi-final stage.

I will eventually leave but nothing is decided yet. We launch X Factor next year too, which is a huge challenge.”

So is Simon indending to leave all British Shows to focus on his career in the US? Will he put X Factor on the back burner too? If he does i don’t think the shows will be the same over here, much like American Idol is doomed to fail after he leaves and forms its rival show. I think alot of people would be happy for him to move over there fully… those Music traditionalists who detest his ways and means of creating a successful artist i mean. I personally think it’ll be a great loss. An influential man leaving the industry will have a huge impact i think.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    I think Simon’s seen the potential in having celebrity guest judges from last summer’s American Idol auditions. They had Victoria Beckham, Avril Lavigne and a ton of others while they searched for a permanent replacement for Paula Abdul.

    Bringing in Louis Walsh as a substitute may have been a test, and it worked. There was plenty of playful banter between Louis and Piers Morgan in the press, which in turn draws attention to Britain’s Got Talent.

    Aside from that, the interesting question for Britain’s Got Talent now is – if Simon Cowell can’t be bothered watching it, why the hell should the rest of the country? Is he inadvertently knocking his own show?

  2. Lisa McGarry

    Scott I agree 100%, BGT could survive without Cowell I think but X factor hasn’t got a chance.

    In saying that I do feel sorry for Cowell when you consider his schedule…he barely has a week to himself.

    January he launches American Idol, straight into BGT when it ends, then X Factor auditions and bootcamp, American idol auditions, X factor live shows, Britain’s Got Talent auditions and then the whole cycle starts again.

    I see why he needs to scale back and I think that BGT is the obvious choice, after all Americas Got Talent does well enough without him stateside. But if he leaves X factor then we’re in trouble. I don’t see it surviving without Mr C.

  3. WelshSinger

    i see where youre thinking yeah. Simon doesnt really have much to do with the winners of Got Talent does he really? Whereas he is a full on boss/manager of those who win x factor and possibly runners up. So hes hands on with that type of thing. I think if X Factor was to survive without Simon they would really have to bring someone special in who could provide the same qualities as Simon.. but of course it wouldn’t be that same show.

    And yes Gerard.. it wasnt long ago where I heard somewhere that Simon had said that Got Talent was his favourite show.. so this is quite odd. Practical with regards to his personal schedule.. but surely Simon would usually go for what he feels he enjoys the most and not just what is practical? Or would he?

  4. Lisa McGarry

    He may but Scott I get the feeling he is so invested in making X factor American work that he is prepared to let other projects go to the wall. It has the potential to be such a big money spinner for him!

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