Sinatra night on American Idol – who’s at risk?

Tonight is American Idol’s tribute to Frank Sinatra, a tricky catalogue of songs by any stretch of the imagination. There are always “Rat Pack” themed weeks on reality TV singing competitions, and they’re my least favourite genre of all.

Think about the advice that the judges – particularly [[Kara DioGuardi]] – have been doling out this season: you need to connect to the songs, man. You need to tap into the emotion of what you’re singing. And for the sap who inevitably ends up singing My Way (let’s pray it isn’t [[Aaron Kelly]]), that’s probably true. But what about the other songs from the ol’ Blue Eyes catalogue?

And then there’s the [[Simon Cowell|Cowell]]. He’s been hammering it home about being contemporary this year. All this in a season with Elvis, The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and…um…Shania Twain. Hardly at the cutting edge of pop music, is it?

Predictions: Best and worst

I am most worried tonight for hot messy-haired favourite [[Crystal Bowersox]]. It might not be difficult for the guys to adopt a crooner voice and do a passable Sinatra. But how will Crystal cope? I don’t think she’ll be eliminated – although stranger things have happened this series – but she could find her popularity dented if the song doesn’t get America’s dialing fingers tapping in support of her.

[[Casey James]] may have difficulty adapting as well. I foresee [[Michael Lynche]] and [[Aaron Kelly]] having the easiest time, because they both have a smooth vocal that’ll handle the material pretty well.

Feel free to take a moment for idle Idol speculation: who do you think will triumph tonight, and whose Idol journey will be ending on Wednesday?

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