Sing if you Can- Is it worth a watch again tonight?

The Big Saturday line up started last week with Sing If You Can followed by Britain’s got talent and Piers Morgan’s life stories. Whilst the other two were great, Sing If You Can has had mixed reception

I think Stacey Solomon is brilliant and a lovely girl and I think Leigh Francis’s character, Keith Lemon is hilarious and I love Celebrity Juice so I thought with these two, Sing If You Can had the right ingredients to make a hit TV show. But as I was watching I did feel like there was something missing.

The show, which helps the Teenage Cancer trust, has two groups of celebrities battling it out to win the show and the chance to raise some money for the Teenage Cancer Trust. Last week, the teams included celebrities such as ex G4 singer Jonathon Ansell, dancer from pineapple dance studios Andrew Stone, a runner up from pop idol Zoe Birkett and strictly dancer Brendan Cole. This was the main trouble I believe with the show- the lack of real celebrities that the audience want to see doing hilarious tasks. I barely remembered Zoe from Pop Idol or Jonathon from G4.

The idea of the show is the celebrities have to sing whilst going through some terrible and challenging tasks. Some of the tasks were quite funny and reminded me slightly of I’m a Celebrity. Especially when Jodie Prenger had to sing whilst being covered with snakes! Her team deserved to win after going through the weirdest of tasks.Judging the celebrities included Shaun Ryder, Coleen Nolan and Dave Gorman, which seemed a bit of a weird mix. Their thoughts on the celebrities didn’t even count towards the final decision, which was decided by the audience in the studio. I felt that Shaun Ryder didn’t want to be there and even Coleen looked a bit uncomfortable.

When it was decided that Jodie’s team had won, Zoe was dunked into a tub of water, which was quite funny. After this we did see the celebrities having to be swung round gaining money for the cancer trust and trying not to fall off. I do think that it is good of the show as they are earning quite a lot of money for a good cause.

This week there will be a fresh lot of celebrities and judges waiting to take on the challenges. I will be watching tonight and will give it a second chance, because I like the presenters. But I do think that it could be quite good if they gave the public people they actually would like to see singing the songs and doing the challenges.

Happy Easter!

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  1. slaneyvalley

    Well Jo, I’d be interested to know if you did watch ‘Sing If You Can’ on saturday night and if you found it worthwhile. Personally I did not watch it (after seeing five minutes of the first one) and find it to be cringy TV. It is more like a show for kids. Surely ITV could come up with something better.

  2. JoPalmer


    Yes I did watch it on Saturday night and I think it was slightly better than last week. I agree it does seem like a show for kids but it is for a good cause so maybe worth a watch


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