Single Review: 3OH!3 – ‘Double Vision’

Ask anyone, anyone anywhere in the world who their favourite artists are, and I doubt you’d get one response that said: “3OH!3”. But why is this? They’ve promoted a little – even more in their home country – and they’ve had two consecutive Top 10 hits, one of which was just about the most overplayed song of the last year – ‘Starstrukk’. That’s not the most baffling part though – the Colorado duo pretty much deal in filthy, misogynistic, sex-driven songs that aren’t too afraid to add the odd smooch SFX here and there, or proudly announce during the tuneless compendium of guitars, drums and synthesiser, that they’ll never say “L.O.V.E.” because it’s too hard too pronounce.

Perfect teenage pop.

But as you can imagine, to those who tend to be broadsheet readers, 3OH!3 are about as pulse-raising as a coffin. And with hedonism and misogyny as their constant cohorts, 3OH!3 have as much lyrics prowess as a sexually-charged bullfrog. Add a Dr. Luke production here and a lackadaisical attempt at rapping there and you have a 3OH!3 ‘hit’ like ‘Don’t Trust Me’ or ‘Starstrukk’.

Anyone in the hope that the lyrics on second single from ‘Streets Of Gold’, ‘Double Vision’ will be any less eloquent will be disappointed, but there is something 3OH!3 do to this record that they haven’t done to most/all of their others. It’s one of those things you can’t quite put your finger on but that’s all part of it’s appeal… that it surprises you and you don’t know why, so you keep coming back to it. One o’ them jobbies innit?

Whilst the pair avoid no opportunity to fill in some lyrical absences with plenty of “AY”s and “Na na na na” moments, there is a sense of humanity about Nat’s bridge – “I’m thinking maybe/I can’t have relationships/Because lately/They’re not making any sense”, which, whilst not being the greatest line to choose when trying to induce sympathy, is certainly a lot better than “Won’t trust the ho/’Cause the ho won’t trust me”. Furthermore, there seems to be a distinct improvement on the melody, not just vocally either – the production sounds less like a car crash in a musical instruments shop and overall more… melodic.

And I must say, the video is quite an ingenious little idea, and Sean and Nat pull it off very well.

I like how at 0:29, you can see the weatherwoman’s nipples. Oooh, saucy!

It still won’t win them a “My Favourite Band Is…” award, and even if it’s not the most forward-thinking musical idea in the world, nor the most cleverly executed, pop music doesn’t have to be, and when stacking up against ‘Starstrukk’ or ‘My First Kiss’ et al, ‘Double Vision’ stands proud as a song that won’t make you wince when you listen to the lyrics. On top of that, it would actually sound good on repeat.

Rating: 4.0 STARS

Download: 27 September, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Streets Of Gold’

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