Single Review: Adele – ‘Rolling In The Deep’

Well now, Jools Holland is going to wet himself in glee at this isn’t he?

Incontinence aside, Adele really couldn’t have picked a better time to appear back on the pop spectrum could she? Thanks to a particularly popular telly show called The X Factor, one of her songs – ‘Make You Feel My Love’ (a Bob Dylan cover, did you know?) has been sung to death – with performances from Anastacia Baker, Gamu Nenghu, and Rebecca Ferguson which, subsequently, saw it shoot up the Singles Chart to out-peak it’s original peak of #24, hitting the new, dizzying heights of #4 after a recent surge in popularity. Annoyingly, Kerry Katona only had to go and do some frolicking about on some ice skates a couple of weeks ago and, just as we thought it would finally GO AWAY, it’s now back in the Top 10. Joy.

However, saying that all you need is an X Factor performance to reboot some chart success is a bit of a lie. The wonderfully (un)talented Shirlena Johnson (WHY WAS SHE AXED?) sung ‘Mercy’ by Duffy, and we all know how Duffy’s comeback, ‘Whale, Whale, Whale’, went *stares at hole in the floor*. But at least this time we can unquestionably conclude Adele is going to repeat, if not better, the success she earnt upon the release of her début LP and it’s corresponding singles.

Another sure sign that Adele is destined for success is that her album ’19’ is already enjoying a brief stint up at the top of the charts – it’s already Top 10 – so whichever way you cut it, her comeback’s going to be slightly more successful than Duffy’s.

So, onto the lead single from said era. ‘Rolling In The Deep’ is lifted from ’21’, Adele’s second album, and it’s quite something. Quite something in a very exciting, dark, bluesy piano-stomp sense rather than the kind of something that could bring on involuntary ripyourearsoff-itis. After the slightly overplayed truisms of ‘Make You Feel My Love’, it’s nice to hear Adele’s soulful wheeze put to rowdy use as she tells a story of a man who’s generally being a bit of a penis now that their relationship is over – “Go ahead and sell me out/And I’ll lay your shit bare”, she proclaims confidently, her voice towering over the flawless production.

The verses start with just an acoustic guitar and Adele, before things start to get a little pacey when the bass drum is added and the bluesy piano slips seamlessly into proceedings in the bridge.

It’s surprisingly catchy – really catchy, which is another nice change to the norm where nowadays practically every artist needs a synthesiser before they can even touch a reasonably catchy riff. It’s brash, bold, loud and soulful – a perfect combination to blend with the rich tones of Adele’s voice and the finished product is of course, real musical perfection.

The video cometh: It’s arty.

1:07… Who couldn’t smash the teacup? I mean, seriously!

‘Rolling In The Deep’ is one of Adele’s best works to date. I love the raw vocals and emotion conveyed in the powerful lyrics, which shine over the pounding piano and guitar-led production. Thankfully, Adele’s occasional squeaks haven’t detracted from the message in the same fashion as Duffy’s vocal foibles. It’s a resounding triumph at marrying elements of pop with a darker, blues-infused sounds.

Rating: 5.0 STARS

Download: January 17, 2011 (OUT NOW)

Feature Album: ’21’

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  1. Seren

    I wasn’t sure she could match the success of her first album but this is amazing! I am looking forward to the album.

    It’s a shame that Duffy’s second album hasn’t made quite the impact I had hoped.

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