Single Review: Akon – ‘Angel’

If you care to remember back when I reviewed Iyaz’s ‘So Big’, I said it was a slickly-produced R&B/pop tune that had the ingredients to make something good, but instead was thrown out like dog poo because the concept was at the hands of an awful singer and an even worse producer (J. R. Rotem). I then claimed Iyaz was basically a “Credit Crunch Akon” without the funds to afford better producers.

Well, now with Akon releasing his first David Guetta collaboration (the Frenchman kindly resists the urge to latch his name onto the title credits), I take back that statement, because Akon appears to have fallen foul of the Credit Crunch himself. I’ve never been all that fond of Akon, but I put that down to music tastes. But now he’s jumped onto the dance/pop bandwagon and collaborated with dance DJ David Guetta, it’s clear he’s working in territory I’m very familiar with, and from what I’m hearing, his new offering ‘Angel’ is absolutely nothing special to say the very least.

Caked in auto-tune, Akon loses his focus on the real world because of, yep, you guessed it – a girl. This time, this girl is not on fire and so damn beautiful or even a sexy bitch: she’s an angel who’s “got da whole place glowin'”. Subsequently, Akon feels to need to go “Ooh” for a bit, also with the assistance of 2010’s new friend we’d rather be shot of – auto-tune.

On David Guetta’s part, the song is yet another blatant rip-off of Black Eyed Peas’ ‘I Gotta Feeling’, which makes it his… third? After ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’ and ‘Gettin’ Over You’, which both used dangerously similar hooks based around the same chord progression and key.

When things get going, there’s no denying David and Akon pull out all the stops, and credit where credit is due and all that. David produces a thumping bassline and Akon… well, he’s being Akon but the thing that’s important is, the song doesn’t do anything. It’s like, yes it does something but that something isn’t that special anymore because it’s been done so many times in recent months that when the song does peak at that peak of euphoric, clubby-danciness, it just feels like a rehashed version of David’s earlier hits.

And that’s another flaw – it’s pretty much a David Guetta ft. Akon song, rather than Akon ft. David Guetta, let alone just plain old “Akon”, because you get the feeling the David Guetta is doing all the work, whilst Akon’s chucked some lyrics typical of a dreamer like him over the top and hoped for the best. The story goes: he’s found a girl who’s a bit fit and he wants to let the whole world as well as this bit fit lass know that she’s beautiful.

As of yet, there’s no video. But that’s okay because this is the kind of song where the video concept can probably be guessed with little effort or imagination.

Back when Akon did R&B, I respected that he was good at his genre, regardless of whether I liked the song or not, because I knew it would appeal to many others who are fans of R&B. But since he’s made the transition to dance/pop, I can tell you right now these types of songs are ten a penny nowadays.

Rating: 2.0 STARS

Download: November 29, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Akonic’

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