Single Review: Alesha Dixon ft. Jay Sean – ‘Every Little Part Of Me’

Once again, Alesha Dixon has an important decision to make. In light of recent events – recent events being a spectacular (-ly bad) chart performance of both lead singles ‘Drummer Boy’ and ‘Radio’; the final nail in the coffin you could say was her sophomore album, ‘The Entertainer’, peaking at a measly #84 on the UK albums Chart – she’s now got two options… again.

A) Release a ballad. Apparently they sell albums.

B) Release a super-duper amazing tune that will sell majoosively, so to make up for lost album sales.

It appears she, or at least the powers that be, have opted for path B and released ‘Every Little Part Of Me’ as the rescue single. It’s not a terrible choice, but it’s not a particularly good choice either. Latching on Jay Sean should shift a few extra hundred copies though… might shift her a up a spot or two into the Top 75 with any luck.

‘Every Little Part Of Me’ starts of with a flatulent synth-riff then follows a pattern so generic you can almost predict the rest of the song. Even with a sprinkling of hands-in-the-air action and a dollop- okay, that would be lying – an absolute torrent of auto-tune, the song just doesn’t stick. The chorus is fairly catchy, but again, it just has no staying power. Worst of all is that fact that the two singers sound painfully auto-tuned (particularly Jay Sean) to the point their voices are nearly indistinguishable from each other.

It’s a gallant failure at trying to rescue what could be the end of Alesha’s third attempt at a successful musical career. It’s almost as if her record label have put no real thought into setting her apart from her peers. Half the reason she’s fading into obscurity is because there are many others who are not only better at doing it – this whole pop music thing – but because there are those who are far more popular than her, meaning she’s got absolutely no chance at winning back the support of radio, TV, or the media. Maybe she should stick some sadomasochism in somewhere? That could work? Bit o’ controversy, yes?

Back to planet Earth… the boring, dull, and predictable doesn’t stop there folks: the video’s not much cop either.


Okay, I’m overreacting a little, I think. The song is ‘okay’… actually it’s not. Scratch that. It might cause a splash in the higher end of the chart, it might not. Who knows? In my personal opinion though, ‘Every Little Part Of Me’ sounds like it should’ve been released at the heights of trashy electropop: early 2010-ish, because even now it sounds dated and appears to live off the mere hope that it’s grime-meets-electropop conglomeration will tantalise the minority who haven’t bought ‘Someone Like You’ yet.

Rating: 2.0 STARS

Download: February 28, 2011 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘The Entertainer’

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