Single Review: Alexis Jordan – ‘Hush Hush’

“Varying moments of forgettable perfunctories and pure brilliance, but in hindsight, it just doesn’t deliver that killer chorus”


Digital Release: June 10, 2011

Physical Release: June 12, 2011

After finding happiness and then forewarning us she can be a good or bad girl, Alexis Jordan’s track record has been a thing of envy for any up-and-coming artist. And whilst her first hits have been rather flimsy efforts, she’s now back with darker-sounding third single ‘Hush Hush’, where we observe Alexis being very much the bad girl she hinted at during her second single: it’s out with the playful melodies and in with the sexy bravado with this release.

Helmed by a bona fide disco-stomping Stargate production, ‘Hush Hush’s relentless synths and super catchy, syncopated melodies provide the perfect soundtrack to a night on the town, and with Alexis’ daredevil lyrics – “Are you scared? Don’t you run now/Welcome to the funhouse”, and the main vocal hook, “Hush, hush, hush/You know I’m comin’ for ya/Tough, tough, tough”, the whole thing feels camper than a gingham picnic basket. 

Other positives lie in her voice, which, among a swarm of erratic electronic sounds, should be praised in it’s ability to sound crisp and untouched by auto-tune. One could claim she actually sounds soulful throughout proceedings, but in the same breath it must be mentioned that it delivers a rather inconsequential effect because even though she may sound soulful, surrounding her with a dance-influenced production makes her sound quite out of place, particularly during the chorus, where her choice of turning up the vocal welly doesn’t pay off at all.

On top of that, the chorus itself feels like it’s not been given enough attention. Effectively, it’s a repeat of the verse, with different lyrics and a thin layer of synth to give the impression something big is nigh, only to let it all waste away suddenly as the second verse grabs you by the ears and pulls you through the rest of the song, which has varying moments of forgettable perfunctories and pure brilliance, but in hindsight, it just doesn’t deliver that killer chorus, and with her vocals feeling as awkwardly out of place as they do, ‘Hush Hush’ looks set to happily join ‘Happiness’ and ‘Good Girl’ in the highly acclaimed (ahem) Top 40 as fairly decent but utterly forgettable dance pop. Which is fine – there’ll be more successes in store for Alexis should she continue with this route, but she can kiss goodbye to longevity once the general public’s popular music interest takes an inevitable sharp turn to another genre.

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