Single Review: Basshunter – ‘Saturday’

The recession has hit the economy hard, and it appears the economy isn’t going down alone – it’s taking the UK music industry with it. You only need to look at the recent efforts from today’s most popular pop stars to see the kind of effect the recession has had.

JLS’ new single ‘The Club Is Alive’ samples the timeless musical ‘The Sound Of Music’; both Professor Green’s singles ‘I Need You Tonight’ and ‘Just Be Good To Green’ feature very obvious samples; Jedward are churning out an album of cover material come September-time; Jason DeRulo’s ‘Ridin’ Solo’ originally incorporated The Verve’s ‘Bittersweet Symphony’ string refrain. And now, as if things couldn’t get any worse, Swedish producer Basshunter is back with another piece of European dancefloor cheese, and yes there is a sample heavily used throughout – Reel 2 Reel’s ‘I Like To Move It’. Oh, dear Lord above.

You see, Basshunter is not a particular favourite of mine, nor is he a particular favourite of anyone who isn’t clad head-to-toe in Addidas or Nike and reeking a Lynx Africa. But he is good at making cheesy dance anthems for the summer time, but this doesn’t escape the fact he seems to be one of the ‘anything will go’ dance-floor DJ’s who will have one hit with the lead single from and album, then disappear onto obscurity until he rears his stupidly long head to attempt swaying me into liking him once more with a new album.

The song opens with the sample, hardly subtle with huge beats and chords reminiscent of Cascada when they were good, making it instantly recognisable, and it screams cheesy 90’s disco-pop nostalgia. Then he once again proves he can’t write lyrics for toffee nor one of Tinie Tempah’s chocolate biscuits – “It’s a quarter t-to three/I’m I going crazy/Outta c-control now/Outta c-control now”. Fair enough, there’s a decent vocal hook, which is fresh to hear, so not all is a complete mess, but it’s still not a good idea to pretend to be something you’re not… like a malfunctioning machine.

As you can imagine, the lyrical content is a Basshunter song is pretty shallow at best, with about 50 words to his vocabulary, but at least with his UK #1 ‘Now You’re Gone’, there was some theme of love, on this it’s just getting wrecked because it’s “Saturday”. What a great message for the masses, but I suppose he deserves some recognition for releasing it at the only time of the year where a song like this is passable.

The video has to be the most unoriginal, clichéd rubbish ever, and I’m being serious when I ask – is he sat on a toilet? It’s about as exciting as watching Gordon Brown’s jaw reverse into his face when he takes breath, which to be honest is quite humorous at first, but about as useful a condom machine on in a monastery.

Eugh… cringe. Don’t you just hate they way he thinks he’s ‘hot stuff’. Girls rubbing up the ‘goods’. I should probably give him extra credit for not mentioning ‘shawties’, but that might be because he’s a little out-dated. Honestly, with a V-neck that low he looks like the long-lost fourth member of Right Said Fred. No… just go away.

And most annoyingly, the song doesn’t bring anything new to the table: times have change since Jonas’ last embarking onto the charts – Lady GaGa, Ke$ha, La Roux, and Little Boots have all turned up and stepped up the dance-pop mark to bring the UK forward into the 21st Century of dance music. On this track Jonas sounds like he’s just stepped out of a Time Capsule from 1994.

So this song adds nothing new to the music scene that we haven’t already heard from elsewhere (quite literally), as well as from Basshunter. So it’s only going to be added to the ever-growing and ever-depressing pile of songs released over the next few moths that just aren’t up to the task of troubling the charts too badly. Which saddens me greatly.

Rating: 2.0 STARS

Download: July 19, 2010

Featured Album: (Untitled As Of Yet)

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