Single Review: Cee-Lo Green – ‘Fuck You’

As regular readers will know by now, there are three things that really annoy me when it comes to music. Not pet hates as such; just small things that could easily be altered if a bit more thought process went on during the construction and composing stages. And it would make the song much more enjoyable.

Thing #1: Selling a song by gimmick: This entails songs based around one hook – ‘We No Speak Americano’ being a recent example of this – or being sold as a craze phase á la Crazy Frog with ‘Axel F’.

Thing #2: Selling a song by artist: Cheryl Cole, JLS, Olly Murs. Need I say more? They’re basically songs which sell because of who sings them rather than the quality of the music, just like Olly’s ‘Please Don’t Let Me Go’.

Thing #3: Unnecessary profanity: Excluding credible songs that call for it, it seems very out of place and a desperate attempt and being ‘hard’ of just filling in a syllable gap. (See: The majority of Eminem’s ‘Recovery’) Another obvious example would be Travie and Bruno’s ‘Billionaire’, who clearly DID NOT NEED to swear. Ite?

However, there are times where a combination of more than one of those things graces the airwaves. And naturally, it’s just doesn’t wash at all, particularly with the first two. All things considered, I should really hate Cee-Lo Green’s new solo offering ‘Fuck You’ in all way, shape and form. Contrary to what you – and I myself – may expect, it’s actually very good, despite using profanity AS the gimmick selling point. Thankfully Cee-Lo’s soulful voice melts in with a brilliant 50′s-styled honky-tonk piano production and even his profanity comes across with absolute conviction. It’s true! Just listen to him in THAT middle eight. What a baby

But then he does something a lot of other artists don’t now how to do: modulation. Towards the end of the song (the final repeat of the chorus to be precise)the song moves up a semi-tone, making it more AMAZING. It shows true musical knowledge and shows that there are other ways to make a tune ‘bigger’ without adding another synth or a four-on-the-floor to it.

The video sees Cee-Lo as a grown-up and as a gobby little oik sitting down for brunch with his parents in your typical 50’s-styled diner, we then see him working in said diner, whilst we also see him sing as a grown man at one end of the diner.

Confusing stuff, this.


Ah, the days when everyone fitted a stereotype…

It’s a brilliant pop single, catchy, good vocals, bit of a gimmick, and not once does it feel like it’s there simply to let some jaws drop wide open or raise a few eyebrows to catch attention. It’s clearly from the heart and even though there’s an uncensored version, there’s something about it which just does have that same emotional kick to it.

Rating: 4.5 STARS

Download: October 4, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘The Lady Killer’

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  1. Past my sell by

    Loved the song, beat and video but couldn’t hear the semi-tone change even after listening a few times?  I always thought I had ears like a bat (by that I mean good hearing not long and pointy).  Do you mean the chorus he sings in the car? 

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