Single Review: Chase & Status ft. Tinie Tempah – ‘Hitz’

“A super-confident delivery fitting seamlessly against the production”


Digital Release: July 17, 2011

Physical Release: N/A

For London-based electronic duo Chase & Status, the past few months must have been a very surreal experience. After shifting their sights upwards since conquering the underground market, it was time for them to become household names. And household names they became, with soundtrack single ‘End Credits’ granting them their first Top 10 single with the help of film promotion from 2009 film Harry Brown and vocals courtesy of Plan B, an artist who was soon to receive his own fame surge. But who would’ve guessed they’d soon have a Top 3 album, with two Top 20 hits and a Top 5 hit? The cherry on the cake would be that they didn’t exactly ‘sell out’ trying to achieve this fame.

From an album saturated with massive production, ground-shaking bass, huge melodies and ingenious samples, new single ‘Hitz’ is one of the lesser volatile moments, often appearing quite sedate when sandwiched between the far more exuberant ‘Heavy’ and the feral-blooded ‘Hypest Hype’. In the context of an album full of mosh-pit inducing raves and approving screams and shouts, you could say ‘Hitz’ was the equivalent of a golf clap, only with a foul-mouthed rapper in the crowd. But as a single, it works perfectly – a simple drum loop, a chorus chant and a rap from Tinie Tempah, one of the UK’s most popular rappers partaking in one of his best lyrical performances to date – it’s not what he’s saying that makes it brilliant (it doesn’t amount to much more than cockiness via similes and metaphors), it’s that you can actually believe him because of a super-confident delivery fitting seamlessly against the production.

And in true Chase & Status style, there’s bound to be a sample – a very clever one at that – woven in somewhere. For ‘Hitz’, it’s a spoken snippet from 1973 film The Harder They Come. It acts as proof that Chase & Status aren’t ones to abandon the roots upon which they built their newfound fame; a modest reminder that they can provide for their fans and casual listeners and ‘Hitz’ is the epitome of just that.


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