Single Review: Chris Brown – Yeah 3x

Chris Brown never fails to put a smile on my face and the new single ‘Yeah 3x’ is no exception. Despite all the slack he’s still getting from previous incidents, he still insists on lifting his head up and continuing with his work. And I’m thankful. ‘Yeah 3x’ isn’t the only decent track on the new album f.a.m.e.

Keep it coming Chris!

This single is brilliant, I even got my 5 year old cousin dancing to it. It’s such a feel good track that you can definitely imagine blasting it out of your speakers in the summer. It’s quite different from what Chris Brown usually tackles, as this single is more of a dance track with a little bit of auto-tuning – he’s obviously not afraid to take a risk and try something new to stay fresh and innovative. I for one really enjoyed it. I actually sat there trying to figure out who that person was rapping in the middle of it, only to discover it’s actually Chris Brown! I think I prefer his singing over his rapping…but it never hurt to try something new. It’s quite interesting though, not sure I expected Chris Brown to ever start rapping. 

So, in one sentence; it’s definitely a song worth listening to.

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