Single Review: Christina Aguilera – ‘You Lost Me’

“I am done”, Christina whispers at the beginning of ‘You Lost Me’, her second single to be released from the dead-on-arrival ‘Bi-On-Ic’. Well, that’s not the attitude! Perk up Christina! It could be worse: RCA could actually cancel your tour!

After the not-so-brilliant reception of ‘Not Myself Tonight’, and the subsequent flop (I rarely use this word, as I find people throw it around too much to describe anything that didn’t do quite as well as they’d hoped, but this is one of those time were it can be used to it’s proper colloquial definition) that was ‘Bi-On-Ic’, Christina had to re-boot the system somehow, and that meant her label jumping in the pilot’s seat to try and rescue her from her current nose dive. The result of course, is playing it safe at chucking out one of the ballads – the only part of ‘Bi-On-Ic’ in which you could tell Christina could still sing.

It should work shouldn’t it? It’s textbook Christina doing what she does best; doing the stuff that got her critical and consumerist acclaim years before her four year hiatus. Unfortunately, ‘You Lost Me’ is very underwhelming – it’s not even the best ballad on the album.

‘You Lost Me’ is a minimally instrumented, dare I say it, lazy ballad that was clearly knocked together and thrown in the album last minute to make it more ‘Christina’, because RCA must’ve been getting cold feet about the album’s “concept” closer to the finalising date. Christina tries to tart things up with vocal flourishes like melisma and trilling but it all backfires with all the grace of a builder’s bum. The structure is standard, with the middle eight moving into the relative major key and the beat only arriving after the first chorus, and the lyrics fail to hold the weight of Christina’s voice, making her sound like she’s shouting a couple of lines scribbled down by a Year 6 music class.

The video is clearly a bit low budget thanks to poor sales and whatnot. However, they make good use of negative imagery and lighting.

And just WHO is the muscle-bound stranger!? He was only trying to pick you up Christina! Get you off the ground. INNIT.

As expected, not even reverting to old school Christina could save ‘Bi-On-Ic’, as ‘You Lost Me’ is a deflated balloon of a song with the sense she’s desperately trying to make something of the time she has left singing it, and it’s emotion is sucked up in the void of knowing just that.

Rating: 2.5 STARS

Download: October 18, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Bi-On-Ic’

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