Single Review: David Archuleta ‘Crush’

David Archuleta travels over to the UK to release his EP ‘Crush’ The sickly sweet american idol runner up to ‘David Cook’ is trying his luck with the UK Charts.

I have to say, I have been converted to an Archuleta fan. On American Idol, he irritated me with his song choices and just his niceness in general was pretty annoying, and this is refleted in the meaning of the single. Its about a Crush he has on a girl. Its very innocent and young which i think they have tried to make him.

Getting down the it, the single is catchy, powerful and memorable. i was proved wrong. i really like the tune, the beat, its a feel good song and makes you smile. again, the definition of cheese, but it works. i think the single could do well over here, and hes certainly coming over here with a good repetoir. The song has very good harmonies, without them, the song wouldnt hit the spot, which it does. 

This cover does suggest some of the themes of the song, the bright colours etc. its really a refreshing to listen to and i think he could prove popular, and like my favourite word at the moment, ‘Marmite’. I Do like this EP. But i think David Archuleta in the future might be a different story, but i dont know. I hope not. I wish him luck, he could be very successful.







  1. Patti

    Your insinuating that David is gay is such an old, wornout story—–a story that is not true by the way.  He has dated my daughter and is just about the nicest young man anyone could have for a son in law.  He just went to a dance last month with “an awesome girl” as he has stated.  I wish all of you, who wish he was gay, would get your facts straight before you make comments like you did.  It just makes you look foolish, when he has interviewed so many times about the qualities he wants in a girlfriend and future wife, and that right now he is just concentrating on his career.

  2. WelshSinger

    I deleted the bit about questioning if it was a girl Patti. I undertsand why you thought it would have been insinuating that he’s gay. i actually wasnt trying to say that he was gay, but more tyring to joke about him loving himself as he is only 17 after all. and we all do =)

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