Single Review: Drake – ‘Find Your Love’

Don’t you just love it when you see a real ‘ard man lowers his walls and goes a bit soft?

Most people can’t do it successfully, they often come across too nicey-nicey and people think something’s up, or they just scare the living day-lights out of children, because, however nice they’re being, they still look ‘ard head-to-toe in baggy Nike and a hoodie.

In music, the one great, recent example would be Mr. Ben Drew, better known to you and me as Plan B: a foul-mouthed rapper in the vein of Eminem who transformed himself into a soul singer. Not only that, he utilised a heartfelt falsetto which added to the realism of the soul concept, because anyone can sing a soul song, but whether it’s soulful is another idea altogether.

So now Drake has decided to lower his foul-mouthed, aggressive rap-star walls and croon out and lovely R&B/Hip Hop slow jam. Well the first thing to notice when hearing it, is it sounds like some wasn’t anticipating the beats to be so ‘huge’, because then they would’ve supplied Drake with better speaker because all you can hear throughout the song in a crackling, distorted sound on every beat. Irritating…

After Drake has successfully wooed some women with his overly-repetitive first chorus, the song really takes off, or so it seems. At first it’s a smoothly produced love song about finding someone’s love and giving all of his love to this special someone, but it’s very repetitive, like VERY.

But onto the really important stuff now: does this change of direction work for him. Meaning does he, like Plan B, manage to come across convincingly now that he’s ditched the angry, violent visage and replaced it with a sentimental, love-sore loser?

The answer is yes. Mostly in the way he sings, you can hear ounces of desperation throughout the chorus, with croaking vocals and the fact he manages to perform the lyrics which could be classed as cliché – “Nothin’s gonna tear us apart” with enough credibility to come across very un-clichéd.

And if the song was sad enough, look away now: here comes it’s rather good but rather sad video.

LOVE that still… how cute does he look?

He’s going to go through HELL and back again, then he’ll have to do some kind of acrobatic hand-stand after stealing something from an Arabian camel-traveller’s bag if he wants that video to be shown in the UK. A great video, but for some reason I doubt he’s clued up on what Enrique Iglesias has to go through in order to get his ‘Hero’ video shown.

The song, the video, the vocal style, all work together to make a very vulnerable, if not repetitive song. And it pays off, the chorus will get stuck in your head like chewing-gum, and Drake’s dulcet tones and reserved singing show that he’s put more thought into this than just “let’s do a slow song”.

Rating: 4.0 STARS

Download: July 26, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Thank Me Later’

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  1. RandomEnigma

    But the video is shown in the UK? It cuts out the bit when *spoiler* his love interest shoots him in the head and the bits where he’s smokin’ the ganja and getting all aggro with the Jamacians. Really those parts are unnecessary and don’t ruin the flow of the video.

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