Single Review: Ed Drewett – ‘Champagne Lemonade’


Ladies and gentlemen, you’ll often find that sometimes, okay – always – a voice in today’s music industry is nothing. What people really want to see is called ‘a personality’, particularly if you’re going to be a tabloid artist; you need to constantly be in the spotlight and constantly have the public talking, for the right or wrong reasons.

One particular thing that people are very keen on now is swagger – this may be because Lily Allen’s up and buggered off or because Cher Lloyd is doing a bit of karaoke but the point is – there’s quite a substantial bag of swag left over and Ed Drewett is the new artist on the scene ready to swipe it and claim it for himself.

A little bit about Ed Drewett: He was a runner-up in BBC’s Any Dream Will Do in 2007, and from then he’s been snapped up by Virgin Records (Mariah Carey, Goldfrapp, Kelis) and is now releasing his début solo single. He’s already proven himself as a slick lyricist by penning The WANTED’s #1 single ‘All Time Low’, and he featured as the velvet-voiced crooner to dilute Professor Green’s helium-voiced rap on ‘I Need You Tonight’. And do a bit of surfing through the Tube of You and you’ll find some videos of him singing live, and he’s actually very good.

Now, upon releasing ‘Champagne Lemonade’, Ed shows us the same clever, stylistic approach to lyricism and song-writing he has shown previously, like how he slots the word “goon” into his lyrics seamlessly, as well as pulling off rhyming “champagne” and “lemonade”, and “dilemmatic situation” and “overload analysation” with each other, inventing his own words as he does so. He sounds like a male Lily Allen, but much more universally likeable – he comes across as quite a gobby young man with plenty to shout about but he’s also quite the charmer, possessing the looks of a very young Sting with a smidgeon of a very young Robbie Williams thrown in.

All throughout ‘Champagne Lemonade’, you get the feel that his cheeky-chappy style and obvious Essex accent are deliberately part of his niche; to stand out, and with a voice that slices through the riotous electronic production with nothing but honesty, eloquence and above all else, wit – “You know as well as I/That’s not my style”, “Love, his wallet must be huge/To bag a girl like you”, you can tell he really means business.

As for the music, well it’s an absolute tornado of synths, bass and drum machine, and it really works. I’m not quite sure why, especially because the main melody in it sounds like a asthmatic choirboy singing down a toilet, but it’s very well-thought, as if Ed wanted it to be so, rather than “let’s make a catchy riff with lots of noise”.

And here he is, for your viewing pleasure: the Essex-born 22 year-old at a driving range, showing off his voice, his looks, his golf skills, and his inability to keep still.

I feel sorry for those models; out in that freezing weather (Ed’s breath mists up) late at night in nothing but half a dress!?

Ed spins his magic on ‘Champagne Lemonade’, concocting a lovely little electro-stomper that’s easy to relate to, thanks to plenty of lyrical twists and a snappy, contagious chorus, it deserves to place in the foreground of today’s ever-changing pop world, however, Radio 1’s playlist seems hell-bent on ignoring new British talent so I won’t be holding my breath.

Rating: 4.5 STARS

Download: November 1, 2010

Featured Album: ‘TBA’

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