Single Review: Eliza Doolittle – ‘Rollerblades’

Ah, now this song is a peculiar one. You see, there’s a certain type of artist category Eliza has dropped herself into, one that is very rare and even though it’s probably the hardest to get into, it’s not necessarily the most desirable category to be category-ate-ified into, because it’s not the easiest to get out of, either.

That category is best summed up if you look at an iPhone advert. The plonky piano music and twinkly, light-hearted songs are exactly the kind that Eliza makes. She’s allowed herself to fall into this category because of two things: Thing 1 is the inoffensive nature of all her songs, even when she’s trying to be offensive, and Thing 2 is because she’s not quite mastered balancing herself on the thin beam that acts as a line between skippy, happy-go-lucky songs that are as ignorable as they are charming, and songs that are so sugar-coated they begin to rot your teeth.

For the third release from her eponymous début album, ‘Rollerblades’ serves up the kind of music that is both inoffensive when trying to be offensive and sugar-coated, but for some reason, it doesn’t quite cancel out and make one completely lovely pop ditty, but it does for the first minute or so, and if you think about it, that’s about how long an iPhone ad lasts these days, isn’t it?

‘Rollerblades’ plods along to a thumping drum beat that leads the production, much like The Wanted’s ‘Heart Vacancy’, it’s one of those songs that constantly sounds like it’s about to end, but the beat continuously goes on and on and you then realise there’s a quite a bit more to go. Eliza pulls a little bit of a Lily Allen while singing the verses, and goes all soprano-y again once she hits the very cheery chorus; it’s all very listenable, but I don’t feel like it’s the kind of music you’d purposefully put on, much rather the kind you’d leave on if it came on the radio because it’s a nice soothing song after a hard day at work. So I’d say she hasn’t fallen into an ‘unlistenable’ category, but one that is ultimately forgettable, like we wouldn’t miss her if she left the airwaves for good.

This is the video.

That was the video.

Interesting to note that she spend the entire duration straddled upon and pretty bike rather than her rollerblades.

It’ll do it’s job; the job that every third single seems to do these days, charting lower than previous single efforts, and sell the album. ‘Rollerblades’ has a charming appeal to it, a vibe that’s oddly enough more summery than ‘Pack Up’s, and a lovely little vocal performance from Eliza that’s not as annoying as ‘Skinny Genes’ or ‘Pack Up’, but as I said at the start of this review, it’s hard to find a place other than a iPhone ad where it would sound universally appealing.

Rating: 3.0 STARS

Download: October 18, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Eliza Doolittle’

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