Single Review: Enrique Iglesias ft. Pitbull – ‘I Like It’

Ahhh, Enrique’s back, Spain’s favourite international crooner of huge ballads such as ‘Hero’ as well as upbeat club bangers, ‘Bailamos’, had returned to regain his place at the top of the charts. It’s odd that, us Briton’s seem to have a soft spot for the man. So on his return to the UK mainstream, he should bring back some Spanish spice and all-important variety to the otherwise bland charts, shouldn’t he?

Not that that matters, anything he touches seems to turn into gold – he sang a song where the beat was the recorded sample of a Ping Pong game. Now that’s using your noggin! It went to #3 in the UK and just goes to show musique concréte isn’t dead.

So, after teaming up with RedOne for ‘Greatest Hits’ single ‘Takin’ Back My Love’ (featuring Ciara), he’s back with the Swedish-Moroccan hit-maker once again in the hope that ‘I Like It’ will serve as yet another hit it the bag, whilst interpolating Lionel Richie’s 1983 hit ‘All Night Long (All Night)’.

Well, upon it’s first hearing, the song it unmistakeably RedOne, with lots of name-checking and elements of Cascada’s sound in the synth-chord department. Then an absolute juggernaut of a beat drops, creating the not so much the suspense of say… ‘Poker Face’, but an instant ‘Listen to me now!’ kind of vibe with what must surely be one of RedOne’s most furious productions. Unfortunately, because the beat is so loud and prominent, when it gets removed for the verse (nothing too out of the ordinary) you can actually hear how bare the song is without it. It doesn’t help that our good friend auto-tune makes an unwelcome visit either.

You see, auto-tune is an odd thing – you only need to take a glance at Cheryl Cole/Tweedy’s single ‘Parachute’ to see this. It’s riddled with auto-tune, but it’s easily her best song yet, because you can’t obviously hear it, so it doesn’t detract from the listenable quality of the song. Whereas listen to ‘Fight For This Love’ and she sounds auto-tuned to within an inch of her life, and this does detract from the listenable quality. So auto-tune can be a good thing, but when used wrongly or over-used it can be a bad thing – it’s like alcohol. Yummy, but too much and you’ll be kissing the floor.

‘I Like It’ features the kind of auto-tune that detracts from the listenable factor. Why is this? It’s probably because Enrique’s never used it before, and also because he’s way up there near the top of the list of artists who need it about a much as shot to the head. His accent mixes very badly with it and he ends up sounding like a geriatric version Kermit the Frog.

But on the plus side, the auto-tune let’s up a little for the chorus, which can be described as ‘bangin”, ‘sick’, and ‘well good’, purely because it really is, there’s no other way about it. Slightly generic in terms of structure but Enrique manages to sprinkle his own oriental flair on to it like the pop veteran he is, to create a perfect club track that will go down a storm this summer.

And of course then there’s Pitbull, a man who likes appear on everyone’s record lately. Well, his rap may be pointless, but there’s something about his accent and how it works with Enrique’s similar intoning that makes it oddly relevant, and it doesn’t appear to kill the momentum of the song either, so I’m fan of Pitbull’s appearance on this one because the two Spaniards work together rather than just call each other’s names out like they’ve lost one another at Heathrow Airport.

Despite all this, I’m not a fan of the wannabe ‘All Night Long’ video (the Alexandra one this time), which is rather boring even if Enrique bends the laws of gravity with the help of a sofa.

What Enrique’s done here, is roped on RedOne, Pitbull, and auto-tune when really he could’ve done this song by himself and still made it work. It swagger-jack’s both All Night Long’s (Lionel Richie’s and Alexandra Burke’s), but that aside, this will do nicely as a comeback for Enrique, and will no doubt sound great blasted out of a stereo on a hot summer’s day.


Yes it is.

Rating: 4.0 STARS

Download: June 28, 2010. (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Euphoria’

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  1. Dara Hickey

    Quick Update:

    This song is already cracking the Top 10 despite being release not even 24 hours ago.

    I like the think I had something to do with it :). LOL.

  2. RandomEnigma

    Alcohol isn’t so much yummy as it’s more like you profess to have just one and then you notice your brain’s going to sleep and you’re like “Hey! Hey! My brain’s going to sleep this is hilarious!”

    I like the use of Auto-Tune in futuristic tracks or in an album that’s proper electropop – by proper electropop I mean LIGHTS or Owl City not like most Top 40 pop act who use it because it’s current. I like when Ke$ha uses it though because it brings out the yodel quality in her voice.

    I despise this song. It’s absolutely awful and probably sits alongside JLS’ The Club Is Alive, Usher’s OMG, that Stereo Love song and any song by Jedward as one of the worst tracks of the year.

    RedOne has become the new Ryan Tedder and simply recycles the same old sound for every singer. Horns and synths with a club friendly beat…so boring! Pitbull is the only redeemable part of the song but I’m tired of rent-a-rappers like himself, Lil’ Wayne, Young Jeezy and Nicki Minaj being everywhere.

    The Auto-Tune is unbearable in the song, it completely drowns out Enrique’s decent voice and it’s just sounds completely ridiculous and corny. The chorus is mildly catchy but repeating the words “I LIKE IT!” with some clichéd drivel and Spanish gibberish thrown over it does not save this song from the horribly produced vocals on the verses and middle-eight.

    Plus, I hate the lyric “My girlfriend’s out of town and I’m focused on you!” Ehhh, infidelity is not cool Enrique. Just ask Tiger Woods, John Terry, Ashley Cole, Vernon Kay, Mark Owen, Ronan Keating etc. And why would you even think of cheating when your girlfriend is the sexbomb that is Anna Kournikova.

    This song is clearly just a cash-in job. It’s more money for RedOne to perform the same music all over again, Enrique will make money from being associated with RedOne, Pitbull will make money from providing yet another totally unrelated rap and Lionel Richie will make money from the sampling of his brilliant All Night Long which he re-recorded the vocals for on this, which were then Auto-Tuned to death.

    And let’s not pretend Alexandra Burke is some great innovator…Enrique didn’t swagga-jack Alexandra’s All Night Long. It’s just another boring party video that takes all the elements from the aforementioned song, Cascada’s Evacuate The Dancefloor, Lady GaGa’s Just Dance and every sexist Pitbull video with scantly clad girls having kinky pillow fights (I wouldn’t normally complain but this was probably Pitbull’s idea and that man gives me the creepers).

    So yeah rant over.

    P.S. I don’t notice any obvious Auto-Tune in either of Cheryl Cole’s songs. When she does choose to sing them live, she sounds nearly exactly the same as she does on the studio recording.

    P.P.S. Oh his mimed performance on Alan Carr was also crap! I would have liked if he sang it live without a vocoder device.

  3. Dara Hickey

    Trust me, were this released at any other time of the year, Randy I may not have been so leniant, but you cannot argue with the huge production, catchy chorus and the fact it’s Enrique (the girls will lap him up).

    This is a summer single, by definition it will make a splash in the charts this summer, because it envokes the feeling of fun and partying. But a summer single also mean that were it released at any other time of the year, it wouldn’t fair so well – this song is at #5 on iTunes already.

    But yes I agree that the lyric about infidelity is awfully trashy, and so is that auto-tune. And yes, I know the video hardly swagger-jacks only Alexandra’s ‘All Night Long’ but it does lend the song a great sense of intradependance in that it relies on two songs of the same name – one for the music, and one for the video.

    And even then, ‘Just Dance’s video had a twist to it at least – it was the remnants of a party that had already ended which was going to be woken up be the up-and-coming pop phenomenon, it had more costumes too ;).

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