Single Review: Example – ‘Last Ones Standing’


You often find those people, commonly youthful and with a penchant for a sweaty, strobe light-lit night clubs, that just live for the parties, the one-night-stands, the laughs, the music; everything that defines modern day Britain; none of that historical buildings, pretty gardens and “oldest Royal family in the World” rubbish. It is the working class; the backbone of the British economy – the ones stood against the pillars of the Temple of Dagon – who hold together what the economy is today. Without us working class, the Fat Cats sat at the top would buckle as their crutches are removed.

It does leave one thinking, how important we are to Britain as a nation, and how, if we were to remove ourselves from the system, nothing would work. But naturally, as hard-working and as dedicated as we are to always do our very best in every single thing we do (IT’S TRUE ISN’T IT?) we do need times to wind down and just go out and party, “paint the town red” as it were.

So, while the cats are away and all that: you go out on the Saturday night – Sunday too, if you want to stinge the Monday off – and have a good time, which is usually judged by how much of it you can’t remember by the next morning, and you party the night away until one or two of you literally become the “last ones standing”.

Example, whilst releasing something that, on the surface seems like a blatant attempt to keep up with the theme of the current Top 10 singles (Party… Party some more… Bit o’ drip droppin’ etc., etc.,), he actually does so in a far more refined way than just going out having a good time, by giving the sense he’s actually been on one of these nights out he describes so eloquently, rather than someone like Taio Cruz or Roll Deep who appear to have just written and sung/rapped a song about partying.

“Come on, we’ll catch our very last train/Light our very last flames/And we’ll knock it all back/And forget our names”, Elliot “Example” Gleaves sings through the stellar chorus, packed with self-indulgent hedonism and attitude, the song actually says a bit more than just “we’re having a real good time let’s light it up and drip drop down low because you gave me the green light and I like it”, y’know? It’s describing a proper, British night out and it’s not once coming of as forced, fake, or as a desperate attempt at getting a #1 (Hello, Alexandra! Lovely to speak… Oh? Still drop droppin’? Okay then, let us know when you’re done).

Instantly grabbing you by the scruff of your neck and chucking your head into a dust-bin orchestra of noise, the unforgettable riff continues through to the chorus, and at this point, it feels like we’ve missed a few seconds because the music in the chorus if completely different to anything we’ve ever heard before, not that this is a bad thing, because the chorus is very much on the listenable side of V GOOD. It’s an anthem of elation and joy, brought to life by sheer adrenaline pumped through every line.

Thankfully, Example hasn’t gone down the generic video route either. As you can see, there is no club in sight. Rather a man who’s clearly upset about the demise of ‘The Bill’.



Nice sideburns.

After all that, I think I know which British pop star I’d like to spend a night out with. What about you? An accent-jacking pyromaniac with a penchant for explosives, or someone who knows what the gritty working class public really get up to?

Rating: 4.0 STARS

Download: September 13, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Won’t Go Quietly’

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