Single Review: Flo Rida ft. David Guetta – ‘Club Can’t Handle Me’

Because the charts really need another David Guetta production right now…

But why complain? I mean as I said a few weeks ago in my review of Kelly Rowland’s ‘Commander’, David Guetta has replaced RedOne as the go-to guy if you want to bag a hit, and ensure people are interested from the moment they see the title of the song and the artist credits.

“ft. David Guetta” tells me, and indeed others, that someone’s a bit too desperate for a hit comeback single that they can’t venture into the world of music anymore – despite how acclaimed and successful they are already – without holding the hand of the 42-year old French DJ. BUT it get the public interested, because a lot of people like Guetta’s music.

David Guetta has become the fairy Godmother to many over the last year – Kelly Rowland, Kelis, K’naan, and the Black Eyed Peas, have all released pop songs with Guetta on constant vigilance to make sure all of them stay in check, and that none of them are caught saying naughty things or staying up late and getting lost outside the Top 40 (Estelle was such a rogue).

Auntie Guetta has now adopted rapper/singer Flo Rida for the soundtrack single for ‘Generic Dance Flick #254’ (Oops! Sorry, that should read ‘Step Up 3D’) for a song that also appears on his third album, and to make sure the magic knob-twiddler’s got Old Floey remembering to cross his T’s and dot his I’s he’s provided a stomping, synth-driven production with more summer to it the British summer weather… but let’s face it, Groove Armada and Will Young’s ‘History’ is more summery than our climate.

The thing about Flo Rida though, realistically, is that whilst being a nice guy, his songs exude a cockiness that all modern pop songs want to have, but only few manage to have and display with credibility. Fugitive, for instance, is an example of an all-mouth-no-trousers, wannabe Jack-the-Lad who’s cocky songs make you want to put him in a toaster, whereas people like Eminem manage to come across as credible 100% of the time, with Flo Rida managing around 75%. It’s the stuck on beard, I think.

But thankfully, not even the harsh hand of Davina Guetta has managed to crush the Rida’s cockiness; it’s a cockiness that we’ve come to love about him, because he always seems to win the Fastest Rapper In Like Ever Award and it plays to his advantage: his quickfire lyrics sail, melodically perfect, with the rest of the song; the chorus is a relaxed, laid back sing-along that could actually be perceived as soft-natured; and as the song goes on, it get’s more riotous and much more fun. You’d think by now Lady Guetta would’ve jumped in with her super duper nannying skills but unfortunately she’s been distracted by a table with some knobs. This all means Flo Rida is allowed to have a night staying up late and partying because his carer is goofily dancing whilst holding a knob on a table. If you don’t believe me look at the video:

Partying, knob-twiddling, scenes from the film. Ta-dah! A generic video.

With his supervisor gone AWOL, Flo Rida manages to shine out on this track, not because of the producer or the song’s co-writers: it’s all his own doing that makes this song the enjoyable club-fest that it is. Expect a high chart position, expect remixes, and most definitely expect everyone’s hands to be raised into the within the first two seconds of this coming on in a club.

And that way, Marie Antoi-Guett can relax, knowing that she’s seen another little blighter through graduation without spending bucket loads on cake.

What’s that? David Guetta is a GUY!? What’s with all the knob-twiddling?

Rating: 4.5 STARS

Download: August 2, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘‘Step Up 3D: Music From The Motion Picture’/’The Only One’

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