Single Review: Freemasons ft. Wynter Gordon – ‘Believer’

Okay, so imagine you’re a massively respected, ‘national treasure’ sort of icon, especially in a certain field of a bigger, more general one of what you do, but it turns out that to make what you do exactly what you do, you need someone else’s assistance, but of course they’re only being told what to do because this is your thing and not theirs, but wither way, neither would work without the other, right? And because you’re so respected and held in such high regard by a select few people with an impeccable ear for deciding whether that something you make is good or not – usually signalled by the constant jumping up and down and screaming and a waving hands in the air kind of movement, like some form of expressing approval – you need to be very good at choosing who you want to work with, don’t you?

Got that? Good. You’re in the Freemasons’ position.

Freemasons have always taken a lot of care when it comes to choosing the artists they want to have warble a few tuneful notes over their stomping electronic productions, from Katherine Ellis to the gorgeous Sophie Ellis-Bextor. In fact, they liked the unique sexiness in her voice so much, they worked with her twice – on last year’s ‘Heartbreak (Make Me A Dancer)’ and on this year’s ‘Bittersweet’. Both were denied the success they deserved.

When it comes to it, Freemasons are about as good as picking their collaborators as they are at producing; it’s like an art for them, it’s hardly a game spin the bottle to rent-a-random-rapper that mainstream artists like Ciara or Jay Sean (who seem incapable of venturing into the music world by themselves anymore) seem to be doing more often than not nowadays. So it’s peculiar as to why the Brighton duo have gone for someone like Wynter Gordon, who’s not exactly centre of attention in the UK… or even the US for that matter. I’ll be honest: until I saw the single artwork for this song, I had no idea what she even looked like.

Wynter Gordon, if you remember her occasional crediting on such songs, has worked with Flo Rida on ‘Sugar’, which reached #14 back in 2009, and also with David Guetta on the track ‘Toyfriend’ for his chart-topping ‘One Love’ album, as well as having song-writing credits for the likes of Mary J. Blige and Jennifer Lopez. Pretty impressive huh? Unfortunately, her solo career has been less stellar, but it’s how she fares on ‘Believer’ that we’re interested in right now so…

‘Believer’ has all the typical Freemasons ingredients, yet it’s not as instantly grabbing as Sophie’s ‘Heartbreak’ thanks to the lack of memorable refrain, but there’s plenty of bouncy synths and a groovy bassline gives it that Freemasons shine. As for Wynter, well she actually isn’t auto-tuned on this record, showing she sounds almost identical to Leona Lewis but actually suits the icy, string-lead production very well, gracefully singing over the backing, reminiscent of earlier, hypnotic Freemasons material.

Unfortunately, the Freemasons forgot to get Wynter a camera she could stand in and mime in front of, so there’s no video.

Now all Freemasons need to do is collaborate with Amy MacDonald. That would be very interesting.

Rating: 4.0 STARS

Download: August 16, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: TBA

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