Single Review: Gorillaz – ‘On Melancholy Hill’

The human body has its limit: the point where it feels it can no longer ‘go on’ with a high energy-consuming exercises, despite what the mid wants to do. The limit can be altered by many things – alcohol and cigarettes can reduce the amount of high energy-consuming exercise a person can do, whilst drugs like ecstasy can increase the limit.

Anyone who’s experienced a hot, sweaty night club where the music is so loud it defies your ear drums; where the people are rubbing up against each other like moonfish; where the currency are those all-important, irresistibly addictive little white pills which can help you ‘go on’ for longer, party harder, scream louder, jumper higher and fall in love over and over again in the same night, will know what I’m talking about.

But sometimes, the human body just needs a rest, and if you’re not one for denying this niggling desire for release with illegal substances, the Gorillaz have the answer.

You see, when you’re done partying for the week, or just have no energy left because of the extreme heat us Britons aren’t used to, it’s always a good idea to go out to your garden with a deck chair and some sun screen and just relax in the sweltering heat, working up your tan.

There are soundtracks to times like this: when listening to said track, you find yourself imagining you’re sitting in the garden on a hot day relaxing with some sun screen and working up your tan. ‘On Melancholy Hill’ is a fine example of a stress-relieving, carefree, relaxation-session song. After the dubious ‘Stylo’, this song comes up trumps and reminds us of how brilliant the Gorillaz are with a tune.

Laid-back synths, a slight buzzing sound, spongy drums, and a pretty electric string riff that can’t help but bring a smile to your face and give you a wave of goose-bumps are all the Gorillaz provide on this track, but what a track it is… Stuart’s vocals appear muffled and sleepy, but have just enough charisma to come across as charming, backed up with lyrics like “You are my medicine, when you’re close to me”, and “Does anybody know, if we’re looking out on the day of another dream?”, that’s when the true beauty of the melody, production and lyrics beam through a hazy Top 40 of budget re-releases like ‘Dirtee Disco’ and summer thumpers like ‘California Gurls’ and ‘I Like It’. And the charm doesn’t stop there, check out it’s impossibly charming video below:

Did not you smile throughout that televisual feast? I thought so. You just can’t be annoyed with this song, it’s impossible not to like, and I speak for someone who is not a great Gorillaz fan, you just can’t be angry when listening to this song, and if you are angry – slap this on and within a minute you’ll be relaxed.

This is the perfect summer wind-down song, reminding you that, whilst partying hard and clubbing may be the top of your agenda, there’s at least one song that’ll help you relax, even if you have taken some little white pills.

Rating: 5.0 STARS

Download: July 26, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘Plastic Beach’

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  1. RandomEnigma

    OddOne, you seem to be suspiciously overly familiar with ecstacy tablets…:O LOL, I thought this review would end with a giant caption stating “DON’T DO DRUGS, KIDS! LISTEN TO GORILLAZ INSTEAD! IT MAY JUST SAVE YOUR LIFE!”

    I do agree with you on everything you said though.

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