Single Review: Hard-Fi – ‘Bring It On’

“Hard-Fi are capable of much better, but ‘Bring It On’ is a moody, humourless affair”


Digital Release: October 23, 2011

Physical Release: N/A

A lot has changed in the sound of Hard-Fi since their low-fi beginnings as Staines’ most famous export since Ali G. Once a group of rowdy, snarling post-teenagers with helmed by Richard Archer’s needle-sharp wit commenting on society’s meagre flaws, and all with a propense for having as much fun as possible, as many times a week as possible. Whilst much has changed, lead single from the ‘Killer Sounds’ era, ‘Good For Nothing’, was that very same street-hardened rock viewed through a slicker and tighter-produced lens. After that they’d roped in Stuart Price to release the darkly ethereal electro-rock ‘Fire In The House’ and after a few switchings about with the choice for third single, have settled for ‘Bring It On’.

From the name alone, it suggests it’s akin to the recklessly hot-headed industrial stomp with a shout-along chorus to boot. Alas, listening to the thing is a far less rewarding experience. At a time when Hard-Fi could instantly captivate listeners with devilish humour and a view of the world that few mortals couldn’t help agree with, it’s slightly saddening to hear that ‘Bring It On’ goes all out in it’s attempts to impress, ticking all the necessary boxes, but failing to deliver much impact from any of them. The song’s intro and verse rally up a decent level of excitement, but the chorus simply doesn’t deliver like the customary fist-pumping, danceable indie Hard-Fi should deliver. It sounds calculated, generic even; a little too carefully-executed and thus removing all of the rawness and home-made feel. It’s sounds polished and bleached with it’s precision-cut guitar stabs and synths whilst Archer is trying to convince us he’s a macho out on a Saturday night piss-up, the worst part being that Hard-Fi are capable of much better, but ‘Bring It On’ is a moody, humourless affair.

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