Single Review: Inna – ‘Amazing’

Inside many adults – and all teenagers – there’s a little child screaming to get out but unfortunately, and all-too-often, the host will ignore the little immature moments the voice inside will urge them to have. But when they do let them out you can expect the occasional ‘It was that way when I got here’ moment following the mischief or maybe the ‘It wasn’t me’ classic – they’re popular too. As for me, I like to embrace those immature little moments every single time, and in most cases of this take-over, I have the sudden urge to read the back of a cereal box in order to play Spot The Difference with Tony the Tiger or the Sugar Puff Monster… it’s a game I hold dear to my heart I’ll tell you now.

And I will also tell you that each time I do a Spot The Difference I get faster and stealthier, no matter how many differences there are; no matter how many stripes are missing from Tony’s fur, I have the eyes of a hawk. Ya get mih? I’m a sleuth on the loose; I’m a panther on the prowl; I’m a detective on the case; I’m… pretty much out of those kind of phrases but that’s not the point: the point is I’m very good at spotting differences.

So take it from me when I say that no amount of extensive cereal-box practising is going to help you spot the differences between Inna’s last ‘hit’, ‘Hot’, and her grand-spanking new one, ‘Amazing’. I use the term ‘grand-spanking new’ very loosely as, upon listening to ‘Amazing’, I find that at about 15 seconds into the song, my super-tuned spot the difference skills are about as useful as a chocolate fireman (unless you’re a seriously sex-deprived woman of course, in which case one of these hotties will be right up your street… literally). This is because ‘Hot’ and ‘Amazing’ sound pretty much (but also VERY MUCHLY) the same. There’s the same blippy and echoey vibe to the beat, the same whiny voice sailing effortlessly over the production, the same electro-pan pipe effect etc, etc. No matter how much Spanish-tinged guitar this song’s intro has, is not going to hide the fact this song is pretty much a carbon-copy of ‘Hot’.

However, in terms of likeability, if ‘Hot’ saw Top 10 success, this can expect to follow suit. It’s got that perfect summer vibe to it: a proper European disco track that really bodes well with summer airwaves and the al fresco clubs on the beaches, because there’s something really quite soothing about Inna’s voice on this track, it comes as a nice surprise because after ‘Hot’, which had a single verse and then countless repeats of “FLY LIKE YOU DO IT/LIKE YOU’RE HOT, LIKE YOU DO IT” really did annoy by say, the second listen. ‘Amazing’ can also expect many remixes, and when the time comes, it’ll no doubt be included on many a compilation album such as ‘Clubland #641’ or whatever number they’re on now.

So, who’s ready to envy the video’s quite brilliant weather?

Now, why would you wear a watch like that in the ocean? And who agrees those boys’ heads should be blurred out for product placement reasons? They’re clearly eating Cornettos. Other than the obvious bloopers this video does appear very clichéd and it seems even Romania has learnt that taking your clothes of sells your records.

But let’s not end on a low note! No way! I’m in far too good a mood to be thinking like that. So, let’s play SPOT THE DIFFERENCE!

Here’s a few of Inna’s songs, now spot, spot, spot:




[[|’Déjà Vu’]] (You’re not kidding)

How many did you get? I got zilch.

‘Why’re you looking like that?’ Inna questions over and over again in the chorus of ‘Amazing’. Well it may be because we’re unsure which of your songs we’re listening to m’dear.

Rating: 2.0 STARS

Download: July 19, 2010

Featured Album: ‘Hot’

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