Single Review: Kate Nash – ‘Kiss That Grrrl’


Does anyone here see the point in channels that just do re-runs? For instance, ‘Dave’? Who really want to listen to Jeremy Clarkson’s flat, matter-of-factly, ‘I-like-to-think-I-rule-the-world-and-that-my-opinion-is-the-most-important-because-I-have-the biggest-ego-in-like-ever’ voice drone on about the deficiencies of a super car. Now, be honest, would you give a duck’s arse about the ‘deficiencies’ of a SUPER CAR if you actually had one!? Watching Jeremy Clarkson moan about something us normal people will probably never see in real life is like having a pelican repeatedly snap at your testicles (despite the fact ‘Top Gear’ can actually be really quite good sometimes).

Whilst Kate Nash is by no means like having an exotic bird assault your genitalia, one does wonder why she insists on re-running everything. Go check for yourself: listening to her back catalogue of singles is like listening the descriptive words you could use to describe the England vs. Germany World Cup match last Sunday – inefficient, insufficient, incompetent, and pretty crap – they all mean the same thing, tell the same story, and illustrate the same picture.

To finally put this into Kate Nash terms, she always sings about the same subject in her songs; the story of each musical endeavour will more-than-likely go like this:

“Oh my Gawd, I love you so much but you never return the love because there’s that bitch over in the corner who everyone thinks is lovely and I’m trying my best but all you want is her… it’s so not fair”.

Of course, the above would be the more non-musical version of a Kate Nash song, would you not agree? ‘Foundations’, ‘Mouthwash’, ‘Do Wah Doo’ and now ‘Kiss That Grrrl’ are just complaints about how unfair her love life is. Well, you’re not the only one with issues m’dear.

On a lighter note, ‘Kiss That Grrrl’ continues the jazz/soul genre we saw Kate switch to on ‘Do Wah Doo’. The jazzy guitar riff and the loud drums bode well with the ears, and then Kate’s signature talk-singing, Mockney-style, addressing the subject at hand straight away – “That girl is giving you the eye/And I, and I, and I, don’t like”. Typical Kate Nash lyrics right there.

Despite that poor attempt at lyrical memorability, the jazzy production is beautifully arranged, wonderfully peppy and cheerful with flatulent brass, and boasts a certain campness that we’ve only heard last single since ‘Do Wah Doo’. The chorus is nice enough, with the only attempt at a hook being heard in the vocal line, in fact, it’s then you realise that the song lacks any real hook at all despite all the effort in the music and the fact Kate’s giving a great vocal performance.

The one major highlight is that Kate looks stunning in the video:

So, I’m not saying this is a bad song, because its truly quite a charming song with an inescapable likeability about it, but the lack of any hook, lack of promotion and lack of interest now because Kate’s rather overdone the ‘unlucky in love’ aspect of Pop, means it going to be easily forgotten. It’s just a bit of a ‘change the record’, quite literally – she’s going to have to wow with her next release, or it’ll be an ice cold compress for all our sore testicles.

Rating: 2.5 STARS

Download: July 12, 2010.

Featured Album: ‘My Best Friend Is You’

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