Single Review: Katie Melua – ‘A Happy Place’

Human beings are selfish things. You only need to glance through a squinted eye visually impaired by a bout of glaucoma at Simon Cowell to see this. We are selfish because we are stressed a LOT of the time. Whether you’re teenagers, adults or grandparents, there’s always something to trigger a wave of impatience or sudden, snappy reactions which you might not have done otherwise, whether it be romances, politics, bad table manners etc, etc.

Just like the movies, it’s always smart to have a place where you can go – by yourself – to wind down and calm yourself without interruptions, so that you can emerge from your private hiding place feeling refreshed, invigorated and ready for the rest of the day (I realise now I sound like the back of a shampoo bottle). This hiding place is your sanctuary; a place for you, and only for you. Anything can happen inside, as it should be at your disposal, the are no restrictions and no rules, except for the one that whilst you’re residing inside, no-one is permitted to enter.

A tad selfish would you not agree?

But good old Katie Melua, with her super-human song-writing skills comes to save the human race from falling into a bunch of incompetent, ignorant louts with her new single ‘A Happy Place’, the follow-up to the rather amazing ‘The Flood’. Katie is a lovely person but, like you and me, she has her stressful moments, to which she needs to calm down and relieve the stress levels a tad. But UNLIKE you and me she is not selfish. No, she is not, don’t even try and make it out like she is.

I have proof! Remember when I was talking about how humans are selfish because they don’t ever let anyone join in and relax with them in the own special ‘happy place’? Well, Katie’s not one for casting out people who need her help, so she’s taken numerous people under her wing in her very own happy place so they can all play together. How nice.

And just WHAT is that on her head? I want one. Now.

What an unflattering still…

Aww, bless, a super talented song-writer she may be but she still can’t dance. Although I’ll admit she’s looking very good in the video, with all her clothes on aswell! But the point is, you can see she’s invited all her friends and strangers to find their happy places within her own because she is the epitome of niceness.

As for the song, well it’s just beautiful, slightly weepy and distressed in the opening chorus, but then we hear Katie’s trademark husky whisper with occasional bursts of more powerful vocals in the fast-paced, very true-to-life verses which deal with the idea of coming home from a stressful day at the office – “Seven thousand eyes are watching/Marching home but no-one’s touching/Army of the city workers/Lawyers, brokers, secretaries”, referring to the hustle and bustle on the Rush Hour streets of a city like London.

This is one of those audio/visual feasts to be honest with you, from the cello and the sonic blips and laid-back beat to THAT hat and THOSE red tights and shoes, everything is so carefully put together I can almost see Katie staying up late at night and sewing each and every single part of the song together in one big tapestry to create something with the appeal of a kitten doing backflips whilst pleading to “send those weaknesses descending”.

And to top of the end of the song – the rousing finale – she changes the lyrics from “I’m going to find a happy place”, to “We’re going to find a happy place”, so everyone really is thought of and cared for in this relaxing snippet of a million people’s lives because let’s face it: we all to tend be “oblivious to cherry cola”, because Coke original is blatantly better.

Rating: 4.0 STARS

Download: July 26, 2010 (OUT NOW)

Featured Album: ‘The House’

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  1. banana_munchkin

    I love this song, but does anyone else think that she sounds like a lolcat?

    “I’m going to find a happy…” xDD



    (I created an account just to post this. Yay!)

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